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Energy efficiency labelling trail launched with John Lewis



Retailer John Lewis and energy secretary Ed Davey have announced a new labelling trial that will show consumers how much they can save with energy efficient products.

The initiative will put labels on household products, showing their lifetime electricity running costs. Consumers will be able to see how much they can save by choosing a washing machine or a dishwasher that is energy efficient, up to £500 in lifetime energy costs.

The labelling trial has been started in partnership with retailer John Lewis and will last six months.

Energy secretary Ed Davey said, “In the past, people have had no idea how much their appliances will add to their energy bills.

“Now consumers will be able to see clear, simple information on the lifetime electricity costs for appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers. This will help people to make better, more informed decisions and see how much an appliance is expected to cost over its lifetime.”

Davey also said that the government will train 500 volunteers through the Big Energy Saving Network, which will be giving advice to people on how to keep houses warm and energy bills down.

Stephen Cawley, head of sustainability at John Lewis, added, “We are look forward to reviewing the results of the trial next year and seeing how customers respond to new more transparent labelling around the energy efficiency of these products.”

A recent survey revealed that the majority of Britons is aware of energy efficiency measures and the fact that these can help save money, but many can’t afford them or do not care enough to change their lifestyles.

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