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In pictures: Greenpeace Christmas cards to Save Santa’s Home



A number of famous figures, including designer Vivienne Westwood, fine artists the Chapman brothers and musician Jarvis Cocker, have designed environmentally-themed Christmas cards for a new Greenpeace campaign.

Save Santa’s Home, which launched last weekend with a video starring Jim Carter of Downton Abbey fame as a not-so-jolly version of the big man, aims to raise awareness about the melting Arctic region. The campaign website says, “Even the threat of being on Santa’s naughty list hasn’t prompted a rescue operation.

The Christmas card designs will be available from 2pm on Friday 6th December as free e-cards from

Greenpeace hopes they will bring to light the threats the North Pole currently faces from oil companies and climate change.

Among the other contributors are the artist Kurt Jackson, designer Wayne Hemmingway and Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood. Paul McCartney, Jude Law and Madonna have also lent their support to the campaign.

Cartoonist Raymond Briggs, the artist behind The Snowman, designed a card.

Father Christmas has been having a dreadful time as the Arctic sea ice melts because of climate change,” he said. 

“I feel strongly that we should all do what we can to shine a light on this important issue, which in time will affect all of us no matter where we live.” 

Greenpeace UK Arctic campaigner Sophie Allain added, “Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, but for Santa and his reindeer, polar bears and other Arctic animals, it’s a white Christmas or no Christmas at all.”

Click on the thumbnails below to view the designs. View them all at


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