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Minister Drives Hybrid Truck Down World’s First Electric Road



Today Anna Johansson, Minister of Infrastructure in Sweden, took the first ever drive on the E16 Electric Road in an electric road in a hybrid vehicle. The section of road between Kungsgården and Sandviken is the world’s first electric road specially designed for heavy traffic.

The electric road is equipped with overhead cables, similar to those used to power electric trams. A pantograph above the roof of the trucks feeds electricity to the vehicle’s electric engine, and it can be connected or disconnected from the contact wire when the vehicle changes lanes or overtakes. This system means the vehicle works as a perfectly normal truck.

Eva Lindberg, Chairperson for the regional authorities, said: “This will lead to much development for the entire county, and many other counties are interested and are coming here to take a look.

“I am incredibly proud of our success with Project E16 Electric Road, and now we are really at the forefront of the work on climate and environment. The E16 Electric Road is a symbol of environmental care, quality of life, cooperation and innovation.”

The new installation ensures Region Gävleborg a leading position in the field of climate change. This inauguration was a chance for those interested to listen to panel discussion, meet project partners, participate in the exhibition and witness Minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson take the first drive on the E16 Electric Road in a hybrid truck.

Magnus Ernström has been in charge of Region Gävleborg’s investment in the E16 Electric Road. He said: “I look forward to the inauguration; this is where it begins. Now we know it’s possible to construct such facilities on public roads, and it is time to study how vehicles and facilities react to the weather conditions and normal traffic. Of course, the E16 Electric Road will be useful for both industry and companies seeking to maintain a climate friendly business fleet, independent of fossil fuel.”


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