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Top features of the week: July 13



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, Richard Essex explored how you can invest positively and feel good about it and how the sustainable investor is no longer marginal.

We also discussed executive pay as an issue of responsible business for shareholders, while Melinda Harm Benson and Robin Craig argued that we need to re-examine and move past the concept of sustainability.

1. The sustainable investor is no longer marginal

Richard Essex: It’s not just products and resources that are moving sustainable investing away from the margins. You the consumer are no longer marginal, either. Read more.

2. Executive pay as an issue of responsible business

Alex Blackburne: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), WPP, Hiscox, BG Group, Lloyds Banking Group, ITV, Standard Chartered, Reckitt Benckiser and Ocado. You might think there isn’t much that connects these nine large, diverse businesses. But in the 2014 round of annual general meetings (AGMs), each has been asked tough questions by shareholders on the issue of executive pay. Read more.

3. The end of sustainability

Melinda Harm Benson and Robin Craig: We need to re-examine and move past the concept of sustainability, argues Melinda Harm Benson, associate professor at the University of New Mexico, and Robin Craig, William H. Leary Professor of Law at the University of Utah. Read more.

4. A taste of Sustainable September from our 2013 bootcamp

Blue & Green Tomorrow: Sustainable September, Blue & Green Tomorrow’s month-long series of debates and conferences, takes place for the first time this year (with tickets flying off the shelves). But it’s not the first time we will have hosted an event to amplify sustainability. Read more.

5. 5×15′s Capitalism and its Discontents, London – review

Francesca Baker: Francesca Baker took a trip to Notting Hill last week for a night of unscripted true stories of “passion, obsession and adventure“. Read more.

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