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Two-thirds of UK workers care about commercial energy saving



Research has found that 68 per cent of UK workers take extra care to help make their work place more energy efficient – with 22 per cent saying they care a great deal.

Hospitality and Leisure workers are the most conscientious to save energy when at work, with Financial Services and Manufacturing sectors also ranking high on a survey.

The research – carried out by YouGov – polled 1,118 workers across the UK. It found that 82% of Hospitality and Leisure workers cared the most, with financial workers at 77% and manufacturing at 76%.

The results also showed that just short of two-thirds (62%) of workers confirmed that their employers had invested in energy saving measures.  Less than half however said that their workplace ensured that lights and computers monitors were switched off when not in use and only 18% said that they carried out regular energy audits.

Introducing paperless policies can also have a positive impact on energy saving levels and 38% of those in financial services indicated that their companies have such policies – 12% more than the average.

Brian Stewart, head of customer strategy and insight and British Gas’ business arm said that companies are spending more on energy efficienct, but said that more could be done to save on energy consumption.

He said, “It is encouraging to find that employees, in various sectors, think that their company is dedicated to being energy efficient, particularly in the financial services sector. But it does appear that more organisations could do more to save energy.”

Image: Liz West via Flickr

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