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Video: big six crumble in Ecotricity’s second ‘Dump the Big Six’ film



Following the success of a video launched called Dump the Big Six, green energy supplier Ecotricity has launched Dump the Big Six II in a bid to persuade consumers to switch to more sustainable alternatives.

The video portrays big wigs from the big six energy firms as cooling towers, swilling champagne, smoking cigars and stuffing themselves with money, before crumbling to the ground and being replaced with wind turbines.

After the initial film mustered almost three million hits, Ecotricity launched the new video to back up the price freeze that is in place until April 1, which it revealed just as the big six energy companies were announcing price hikes of up to 10%.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said, “The energy industry has to change. It needs to serve the people of Britain, not the largely foreign owners of the big six. Putting prices up at the start of this winter is a good example of what’s wrong: it’s cynical timing just as consumption doubles, and it’s just not justified by wholesale energy prices. In the end, it’s the people of Britain who are losing out.”

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