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5 Ways to Use an Energy Monitor to Make Your Building Eco-Friendlier

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There are a lot of factors that you have to think about when running an eco-friendly building. One issue is the importance of reducing energy waste. One study from MIT found that 30% of energy in commercial buildings is wasted. Fortunately, there are ways to fix that.

Buying and installing an energy monitor at home or in your facility does not simply reduce the energy usage nor save you energy at all. However, monitors show you your energy usage and show you what you can save.

This means that you can control and reduce your household or organization’s energy consumption. This is important as you can know where and how you can save on energy and the cost altogether. You can learn more on Electricity comparison on energy monitor.

Here are the top 5 advantages of having an energy monitor in your facility or household:

1. They help you make energy-efficient change

Energy monitors help you see how much energy you are using and how much money you are spending on energy. Knowing how much energy you are using and how much you are consuming can aid you in making positive changes.

These changes will help you reduce energy consumption and make the necessary changes to make your building energy efficient, such as switching from standard lighting technology to LED lighting technology.

2. Aid in awareness of how much energy you are using

Knowing the amount of energy, you are using and how much you are spending on it will help you plan your budget. Monitors display the energy consumption in pounds and pence, whereas lets you set your monthly budget so that you can save.

Having a monitor with your monthly or daily budget set lets you have a better idea of what you are spending on and how you are spending.

3. Enable you to be aware of the energy you are using

The fact that energy monitors display the exact amount of energy you are using in real-time helps you be mindful of your consuming point. Keeping the monitor visible where you can easily see it ensures that you have a better idea of how much energy you use daily.

Over 60% of energy consumers with monitors in a survey have said that having a monitor in their households has made them more conscious of the energy they consume than 75% of the consumers who did not have an energy monitor. More or less, due to the consumption rate, the motors affect the entire electricity comparison system.

4. Monitors help you see the devices that you didn’t see were on

We often tend to forget to either switch off or unplug appliances when they are not in use. This always makes you spend more money on energy wasted without you even knowing at all.

Monitors help alert you when you forget to switch off your facility or household appliances. All you need is to take a quick look at the monitor, and it will show you if you are using more energy than you are supposed to at a given time.

Unplugging appliances permanently save energy and save you unnecessary cost at all times.

5. Aid you in choosing the appliances

Having an energy monitor enables you to use your high-energy appliances properly. Studies show that those with energy monitors in their households are making more and more right decisions regarding their appliances and using them.

For example, if you are washing the laundry using a washing machine, you’ll do three full loaders of laundry instead of six half loaders of laundry, thereby saving much more energy and money. You will also have a better idea of what types of windows to invest in, since some windows are eco-friendlier than others.

Final thoughts

It is always advisable to have an energy monitor in your household or facility as it shows the data and is very helpful. This way, you’ll save a lot on energy as well as the cost associated with energy expenses. Additionally, besides saving energy, the low energy wastage ensures a precise electricity comparison index against the country’s national grid.

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