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Why are Sustainable September events being held in London?



We had an email from a reader this week, who said they were “very disappointed” to see all the Sustainable September events (which you can reserve your place for now) were taking place in London.

They noted that it wasn’t the centre of the country and that most people outside of the south-east found it very difficult to get there.

We share their frustrations. Our publisher lives in Lincoln, with the rest of the team in London, Sheffield, Doncaster, Nottingham and Barnsley.

But as a start-up, we need to maximise our chance of success and London gives us the best chance of not bankrupting ourselves – maximising attendance, due to the sheer volume of ‘local’ people.

For Sustainable September, we are looking to work with all the major rail companies to offer a discounted first class ticket for delegates. We will also be creating a carbon offset within the ticket price for all delegates based on their mode of transport. All marketing will include a no-fly, no-drive message.

We already hold sustainable investment roadshows for financial advisers around the UK for exactly the reason the reader stated. We have been to Leeds and Liverpool already, and are going to Edinburgh, Birmingham and Bristol in the coming months. We will be doing a similar range for consumers and investors in 2015.

That said, we have plans to hold public events in Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh or combinations of the three during Sustainable September itself, which because of our size haven’t been announced yet.

Full event details, including locations and speakers, will be unveiled soon. Tickets are on general sale in June (but we’re encouraging Blue & Green Tomorrow readers to sign up now to reserve their place).

In the meantime, why not tell us what you think on social media? Follow Sustainable September on Twitter (@SustSept), Facebook ( and through the dedicated LinkedIn group.

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