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Why casinos are beginning to leave NV Energy



Nevada based energy firm NV Energy are looking at a potential crisis if proposed plans by various Las Vegas casino operators go ahead. Major casino owners are looking to sever their ties with the energy company and are looking to now source their electricity elsewhere. Many industries have been looking at alternative ways in which to help cut down all their power bills and the casino industry is one that takes full advantage of electricity.

From 24 hour lighting to bright and flashing lights stemming from the hundreds of various video-based games and slot machines placed around the floors of these casinos its unsurprising to think that the industry certainly burns through its fair share of electricity on a daily basis. With the declining interest in land-based casinos around the country being hit by the rising growth of the hottest games at the online casino and other mobile alternatives it seems like casino operators are looking for suitable ways to recoup some losses and one of these is to help get their energy bills lowered.

There has been plenty of investment in more energy efficient programs and other renewable sources of energy with even some casinos looking to generate their own energy on-site by installing wind turbines and solar panels in order to use the natural environment around them to help generate some of its energy. But whilst these environmentally friendly options can have an impact there is still a lot of power being drawn from the energy companies themselves.

These various strategies are now beginning to have an impact and it fits perfectly in with other businesses and companies in other industries who are looking to take more control over how they create and consume energy. So whilst this growing trend in energy efficiency is music to the ears of environmentalists the energy companies such as NV Energy have begun to sweat. The casinos require approval from the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada but for NV Energy to lose massive accounts like this will be a calamity.

On the face of things it makes perfect sense. If the general public are constantly being urged to save energy, to help cut bills and their energy usage down then so should the businesses and industries they help support. Going greener is an appealing scenario for many companies but of course the bottom line ultimately is about cost cutting and if casinos are able to find suitable alternatives or ways in which they can use renewable energy sources it could create very positive ripples for the entire state.

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