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5 Tips for Recycling While Traveling



The global climate crisis continues to erupt, and everyone must play a part. Recycling is a huge aspect of protecting the planet. Yet so many nations continue to perform poorly when it comes to recycling rates. In the US, just 35% of waste is recycled.

Everyone has a role to play. When traveling, you can also recycle. Here are some of the top tips for recycling while traveling.

Think Outside the Box

When traveling overseas, you need to think outside the box. Unless traveling to a modern, developed country, recycling isn’t as accessible as it is back home. Many countries don’t even have recycling facilities like Rotobale available.

The way around this is to use less and travel in a more sustainable fashion. For example, think about not using plastic bags and bringing your own. Avoid using plastic cutlery. Bring your own headphones and other gadgets from home also.

Be Responsible When Dining

Choose to eat only at restaurants that use real cutlery and plates. The plastic cutlery industry is worth $2.6 billion every year. You can help put an end to single-use plastics by not using them.

Alternatively, you can bring your own set of cutleries. Many travel cutlery options are collapsible, thus making them easier to transport.

Additionally, when you eat street food or food at small vendors, avoid taking those extra napkins, wrapping papers, and containers.

Purchase the Right Toiletries

A huge amount of waste comes from the little plastic bottles of shampoo and soap you find in hotels. Bring your own from home.

These days there are many travel friendly shampoos and bodywashes you can take on a plane without getting flagged by airport security.

Bringing your own toiletries from home means you use less plastic.

Collect Your Trash for Recycling

A lot of places recycle but have few recycling bins. Furthermore, studies say that people are less likely to recycle when away from home.

Train yourself to carry your waste with you and find a recycling bin, rather than tossing it in the nearest trash can.

Stop Printing Everything Out

Did you know that most people start damaging the planet the moment they leave home?

There’s no reason to print out boarding passes in 2019. Practically every airline has an app that allows you to get a digital boarding pass.

Furthermore, if you’re packing checked luggage, invest in a reusable luggage tag. This can be used time and time again to tag your luggage.

Plus, it’s much more convenient because you don’t need to keep rewriting your information repeatedly every time you fly.

Last Word – Traveling Sustainably for the Future

Little changes can make all the difference when you travel. Obviously, you can also cut down on the number of flights you take and opt for more domestic vacations, but if you’re not willing to do that you can still play your part in reducing waste.

Thinking about how you can recycle more and use less will not only help save the planet but encourage others to do the same.

What do you do to recycle when you’re traveling?

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