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More Action Needed On Scottish Climate Targets UK Watchdog Claims



The Scottish Government has again been warned by an independent UK watchdog that more action is desperately needed in key sectors to meet the targets set out in the Scottish Climate Change Act.

Following the publication of the UK Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC) latest assessment on the progress that the Scottish Government has made towards reaching its emissions Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“It’s good to see the UKCCC recognise the great progress Scotland is making to tackle climate change. This includes the excellent work in renewable electricity generation and progress in reducing emissions from the waste sector. However the Committee makes clear that despite meeting the latest emission reduction targets 6 years early, more determined action is needed in transport, housing and agriculture. We’re looking to the Scottish Government to continue to lead the UK with big policies in these areas for major emission reductions.

“The forthcoming climate action plan and proposed new Scottish Climate Act are huge opportunities for all parties in the Scottish Parliament to show willing, work together and present a fresh plan with a clear timetable for all sectors to play their part. This must include transport, where our emissions remain stalled at 1990 levels and housing, where emissions have reduced only 3 per cent since 2009. This is the time for bold action to secure the many, many benefits Scotland could enjoy if it commits to a zero-carbon future. We call on all parties to work together to ensure Scotland remains a world leader on climate action.”