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ArBolivia: Last Chance to Invest!



Please help ArBolivia reach £100,000.  Their crowdfund campaign ends on 4th December.  Read the interview with the co-founders here.

The overall goal has been to secure £250,000 at the start of 2016 in order to fund their planned activities. Although the crowdfund has only delivered a portion of this,  we have seen a wave of interest in our carbon credits and expect £20,000 before the end of the year with a further contractual payment of around £45,000 due in January.

In addition, they have now reserved credits for no less than three parties for 2016 orders, any one of which will take them over our £250,000.

With this in mind ArBolivia has set a revised target of £100,000 for their Crowdfunder appeal which would give them a valuable cash reserve.  The crowdfunding offer closes today.

Small World Consulting has confirmed that investing in ArBolivia is one of the most cost effective ways for individuals to tackle climate change.

You can see more details here – and watch the stunning 15 minute movie made about the project here.