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£10,000 Available for New Projects in Bootcamp



This week Crowdfunder launched Bootcamp 2016, a three week campaign aiming to whip projects into shape before going live. Over the last five days I have been giving an insight into how to plan the perfect Crowdfunder project. With daily snippets via YouTube, I broke down the planning process into bitesize chunks, sharing my top tips along the way.

We also ran our first live Google Hangout, where we delved deeper into project planning, talked through some of this week’s most inspiring projects and answered questions from the crowd.

The good news is there’s still time to sign up to receive your daily update from the Crowdfunder Academy!

How it works:

1) Catch up on this week’s uploads
2) Use Twitter to tell us about your great project using #Bootcamp2016
3) Subscribe for free to our YouTube channel
4) Download your Weekly Session Planner and make notes!

From Monday I will be passing the baton over to Simon Walker, our Partnerships Manager here at Crowdfunder, who will be taking you through the process of creating your project, and maximising the project page for your potential pledgers.

Until then you can catch up on all of the past week’s action below.