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Benefits of Using a Linear Actuator in Your Green Home

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The demand for eco-friendly homes is growing more rapidly than ever. A recent survey found that around a third of Realtors reported that they had sold an eco-friendly home in the past year. This is a surprising increase in the number of homeowners concerned about sustainability.

However, many people aren’t sure what they can do to maximize the utility of an eco-friendly home and lower their carbon footprint. One major change they can make is obviously relying more on solar energy. But what can they do to make that happen and how can they get the most out of solar energy?

One idea is to use automated features that rely on solar energy. This can help make their homes better for the planet.

Using Linear Actuators to Create More Sustainable Homes that Utilize Solar Energy

Now, homes are becoming increasingly automated. Eco-friendly homes can also be automated by using more solar energy.

What can you do though if automation systems do not seem to be affordable? There is a solution. It is called DIY projects. With a couple of actuators, some imagination and skills, and detailed instructions, you can automate your home on your own and help lower its carbon footprint!

Make Your Home Use Solar Energy!

Though we would start here not with a desk, a kitchen-optimization project, or something similar. Instead, let us talk about the application of alternative energy sources. For example, solar panels are more affordable now. In the long run, such an installation will pay off and will bring you a significant return on investment.

Buying a solar panel is not an issue. But if you want it to serve you to the full extent, you need to teach it to track the sun. This will help it be more energy efficient and better for the environment.

So, what about a solar actuator tracker? With the help of a linear actuator and a solar tracker, you can do it on your own. Install the panel on the sunny side of your roof or somewhere where it will get the maximum of sunshine. And enjoy the efficient and reliable source of alternative energy.

Some tips to choose a proper actuator:

  • Make sure it is powerful enough to support the panel in movement. Before ordering an actuator, ask a company representative to calculate the lifting power of the item.
  • Check the IP level of the actuator. It shall be at least weatherproof. If you live in areas with frequent rains or if dust storms happen there, we recommend buying a water-resistant item.
  • Minimum maintenance or its absence is one more requirement. How frequently are you going to climb to the roof to fix the item? Therefore, choose an actuator that doesn’t require maintenance throughout the entire service life.

Of course, you might also want to choose the design, the color of your item. These are rather personal requirements though.

What about Your Patio?

You can turn your patio into a comfortable and modern place to have rest with your friends and relatives. Here, we can advise you on several projects.

Lift Furniture

This project is suitable for smaller patios in eco-friendly homes. If you want to have a set of patio furniture and still keep enough space for your kids to run, lift furniture is the most suitable project for this purpose.

For the project, you need a lift column for the table, and several lift columns for lift chairs.

In the patio, make an opening where the table top will be hiding when in a retracted position. In the opening, install the lift column. Now, fix the tabletop on the column.

The same steps shall be followed to build lift chairs, or rather seats.

When the lift columns are retracted, the floor of your patio is even, ready to be used for games. With a push of a button, you can make your furniture raise, and enjoy a fully functional set for home.

TV in the Yard

Have you ever thought of installing a TV set in the yard? You can do so even if you are committed to being a sustainable homeowner. Just imagine how nice it would be to watch your favorite movie or TV show while preparing BBQ with friends or family.

Yep, buying an outdoor TV installation isn’t cheap. However, you can build one.

Use an old cabinet to host your TV set. Make sure you insulate it to make it water-proof otherwise, the TV set will not serve you for long.

Prepare a support for the TV cabinet if you still don’t have one. It shall be resistant enough if you don’t want the entire installation to collapse.

Prepare the cabling. This time, you need waterproof cables unless you install the TV in a place that doesn’t require the cables to be laid outdoors.

Now, it is the turn of actuators to be fixed. Before purchasing an actuator, make sure it complies with the following requirements:

  • The item is powerful. It shall be able to move the cabinet and the TV-set.
  • The actuator will be used outdoors. It shall be either weather-proof or even water-proof.
  • The device shall require a minimum of maintenance.

You can use one actuator if it is powerful enough, or you can use some of them. In the latter case, make sure their movement can be synchronized.

One side of the actuator is fixed to the support while the other side will move the TV cabinet.

That’s it, now, with a push of a button, you can lift the cabinet to a safe level, and lower it when you are ready to watch a movie or a TV-show.

Other Projects? It Depends on Your Wish and Skills!

Outdoor projects are among the most demanding. So, if you can handle them, there is no doubt that you can do any indoor project. Just check online, select the ideas that you would like to implement, and decide how and when you want to make it.

Linear Actuators Are Great for Sustainable Homeowners

A lot of homeowners are becoming more concerned about going green these days. One of the best ways to do so is by installing a solar linear actuator. This will help you get the most energy output from the sun to power your home and lower your carbon footprint in the process.