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Bright Blue Urge Next PM to Prioritise Envrionment



Today the Secretary of State for Energy and Environment confirmed the fifth Carbon Budget. The Energy and Environment Secretary also urged candidates for the next Prime Minister to put environmental protection as a top priority. Bright Blue, an independent think tank and pressure group, has responded.

Bright Blue will remain neutral in the leadership contest. As an independent think tank and pressure group, it backs particular ideas rather than particular people.

Ben Caldecott, Associate Fellow of Bright Blue, said: “Protecting the environment is absolutely fundamental to conservatism and must be reflected in the platforms adopted by candidates for leadership of the Conservative Party. At this time we need to focus on what brings the conservative movement together, and conserving the environment is one of the themes that binds us.

“The EU referendum result creates significant opportunities to improve and enhance UK rules and regulations in these areas. The UK is a leader on climate change and we must minimise the uncertainty facing those currently investing or planning to invest in our clean energy future. The next Prime Minister must make this a priority.”