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Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of The Office Furniture!

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Are you considering moving your office to a new place and want to make a serious upgrade on furniture items and equipment? If yes then start the process by getting rid of furniture items. Make an inventory of all the furniture items you possess in your office and then start categorizing the items you will take with you and will leave behind. You may find that there are a lot of eco-friendly ways to do so.

There are numerous furniture items are present in an office and some of these are like chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, conference tables and so on. Leading movers at suggest that if you want to get rid of some of your office furniture, you should dispose of them using eco-friendly methods. Check out these methods:

Resell the furniture:

When relocating business at long distance, you may not want to carry heavy furniture items along with you to reduce the moving cost. The best way to get rid of the surplus items of your office furniture is to resell it. Reselling is a great way to make your move eco-friendly.

Note the brand, age as well as condition of each item and then you can offer your employees, friends, or relatives to purchase it at a discounted price by informing details. If they are not interested, then you can sell it online on various websites or at used furniture stores. By reselling your office furniture, you will be benefited by scoring some cash.


  • The method helps you to recoup some money which you can use during the moving process. 
  • It helps in boosting your business at a new location and the amount can be used to provide your products and services to the customers at a less cost and to advertise your products to attract customers towards it. 
  • It reduces the wastes that will go to the landfill.

Donate the furniture:

This is the best way to dispose of your furniture as you get an opportunity to add some goodwill to society. Many non-profit government organizations are happily ready to take your used office furniture. Some NGOs even offer to come on their own to pick these items. A lot of local charities also offer free pickup.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about renting a truck or anything. But check that your furniture is in the good shape as well as in the good condition. By doing charity, you will also be able to receive a deduction in the tax. Therefore, it is like a win-win situation for you.


  • It extends the furniture life. 
  • This is just the best way to give opportunities and happiness to those in the form of furniture items to those who can’t afford these.  
  • The material waste gets reduced because the furniture items will be used by someone else.


There might be a possibility that your employees, friends or relatives want to take your office furniture but of course, then you can’t earn any amount for it. The reason for not paying price by them for these items could be your desire to gift these items to them and your understanding with them. The best thing is that your employees, friends, or relatives might rent a truck on their own to transport the items into their house because they get the items without paying any cost.


  • This option will enable you to save your time as well as moving expenses to carry your furniture to a new place.
  • It could make your loved ones happier but make sure that the items you are gifting to them are of their use. 

Recycling the furniture:

If you are not able to sell, donate or gift your used office furniture, then there is one more option that you can follow. You can decide to recycle your existing furniture. It is the best decision to protect your environment from any harm. Now your furniture will not lay idle in the landfills and produce several toxic chemicals.

Recycling helps in giving the items of furniture a new life, they will be broken down and the same will be reused in making various other wooden products used by other people. Is not it an amazing idea to get something best out of the waste? 


  • Helps in reducing the negative impact on the environment
  • You can get the modern equipment from the old ones and then you earn an amount by selling these at a higher amount. 


If nothing from the above methods is a good choice for you then check out whether a piece of furniture is functional or not. If any of these is good in condition then you can try to reuse the one. Check if the one suits the modernized office layout. 


  • Makes you more environmentally friendly
  • Most cost-effective option 


Yes, moving is just the best time to upgrade or modernize your office. It is absolutely fine to give a brand-new look to your office, so use any of the above office relocation options to get rid of the unnecessary waste items.

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