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How a green supply chain can help businesses save money – infographic



Many people view the process or notion of ‘greening’ a supply chain as one that will ultimately end up costing a lot of money. This is not the case. Greening the supply chain can in fact end up saving a company money in the long run, writes  Kevin Vaughan.

The misconception that it adds huge costs to operations is one that probably hinders some companies from moving in this direction.

Being environmentally responsible should not just be something we look at as individuals. As company owners and employees, we have a fantastic opportunity also to make a positive change for the good of the environment. Changes to an operational supply chain don’t necessarily need to be vast or implemented quickly; they can be done in small steps in order to ensure ease of implementation.

This info-graphic covers the topic of greening the supply chain and offers some suggestions on how to implement it into an operation. It also examines how some world famous companies have implemented a green element to their supply chain and what can be learnt from that.


Kevin Vaughan is the Supply Chain Director at logistic company SnapParcel.

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