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How to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly



As individuals continue adapting new ways to make their homes eco-friendly, so are businesses everywhere. Turning your business green is something you won’t regret doing as it will save you financially in the long run, and attract new talents, and customers, all while saving the planet. 

Our generation today has grown more environmentally conscious and takes pride in being responsible for their contribution to the conservation of the earth, and so should you as a business owner. Consumers have an appreciation for companies big or small that are marketed as green. Today’s talents are also seeking places of employment that are eco-friendly. Here are some ways you can make changes that will not only grow your business but impact the environment positively. 

Go Paperless 

If your place of business still relies heavily on paper, printing, or even faxing you may want to consider going paperless. Most businesses large and small have already transitioned to services such as paperless billing, and fax to email. This will reduce the cost of ink and paper and is a significant stride in helping our environment. Employees today, especially millennials, may find a place of business that heavily relies on old school practices off-putting. Cutting back on the use of paper and incorporating electronic practices will be easier for everyone. 

Green Cards 

Consider transitioning over to an eco-friendly credit card or banking for your business needs. Green cards not only have a great impact on our environment but on your business as well. The awesome thing about eco-friendly credit cards is that they help you reduce your carbon footprint, are sometimes made of reclaimed materials, or can be biodegradable. 

Green banks or credit card companies donate a predetermined amount of money towards a charity focused on the environment. They offer rewards as well as spending and saving options just like any other big bank would. Do your research and select a company that will invest in a project that means something to you and or your company.

Work From Home

Most businesses have adapted to working-from-home as a result of the global pandemic. Businesses have noticed a decrease in office energy, and other utility costs. As a bonus, employees enjoy the extra savings in commuting expenses. Reducing the number of times your employees travel to work in a week contributes to a reduction in air pollution and even daily traffic. Fewer cars on the road reduces fuel consumption and pollution for our planet. If your company is one that heavily relies on travel, consider hosting conferences, meetings, or webinars virtually. The ultimate upside of all these practices is it reduces your business’s carbon footprint and you’ll save your business tons of money on travel cost. You can allocate some of those savings towards eco-friendly investments.  

Renewable Energy 

Think about investing in a renewable energy source for your office space. There are advantages to switching to alternative energy such as solar, wind energy, or hydropower to name a few. The benefits include reliable energy at all times, they require less maintenance, and drastically reduce the costs in energy spent for your business. It may be a huge investment upfront but the benefits and advantages, plus, savings down the road, far outweigh the cost. Our planet needs more businesses and major corporations to aid in the preservation of our environment. Climate change is real and we need to make real changes in order to improve.  There are tons of resources out there that will aid you in making your business eco-friendly. It doesn’t have to stop at the list mentioned above. Things such as recycled paper or office products, and furniture, and implementing recycling, are small ways you can start leading your business into being environmentally conscious. These are just a few ways you can work towards becoming an environmentally conscious company. While they may be small changes, they are smart changes that will make a huge impact on your business, consumers, employees, and our planet.

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