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Levi’s Shows How California Could Have Saved 35 Billion Litres of Water



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s latest forecast predicts a strong El Nino is likely to bring heavy rain to drought-stricken California this winter. However, the anticipated precipitation won’t be enough to overcome the severe drought plaguing the state. Consumers must continue to be steadfast in their water conservation habits and even small changes — like washing jeans less — can result in big savings.

Levi Strauss & Co. today published an infographic (see below or click to view and scroll down) exploring this theme. The infographic dives into how following LS&Co.’s consumer care recommendations over the past four years would have saved Californians 35 billion liters of water, as well as significant energy and cost savings.

The infographic provides tips on how consumers can reduce water and climate change impact and also dives into some fun facts around what the water, energy and money saved would equate to in the state of California — such as meeting the daily water needs of Disneyland’s cast members for nine years.

Levi Straus Drought Infographic


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