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Creating Healthy Oceans to Save the Planet Creating Healthy Oceans to Save the Planet


Lifestyle Changes to Save Our Oceans from a Catastrophic Fate

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According to a report published in Current Biology, human activities are increasingly threatening our oceans. The marine flora and fauna are suffering because of rising temperatures, increasing levels of carbon dioxide, and other consequences of climate change.

The clock is ticking, and its high time to make changes for the sake of our planet’s future. In this post, we’re sharing some ways you can help save the oceans. You can encourage your children to follow these tips as well. Take a look.

Make Sustainable Food Choices

Did you know farmed catfish produces nearly 20 times more greenhouse gasses than other seafood like mollusks and salmon? Make an effort to make sustainable seafood choices. Give options like mussels and scallops a try, which are delicious, affordable, and a lot better for the environment.

We have previously talked about the benefits of choosing a more sustainable diet. A vegan diet can be a great start, but there are other diets that can work too.

Say No To Single-Use Plastic

We all are guilty of using single-use plastic in our everyday life. From getting your morning coffee with a plastic straw to buying groceries in plastic bags, it’s time to eliminate disposable plastic from your lifestyle. Straws particularly are injuring sea turtles. Switch to eco-friendly alternatives like metal or bamboo straws.

Don’t Contribute to Marine Pollution

Do you enjoy taking out your boat on the weekends? As a boater, it’s your responsibility to reduce oil and fuel pollution in water bodies. To minimize the chances of spills, avoid overfilling your tank. Your boat should also be equipped with recyclable oil absorbent wipes and other solutions for oil spills.

Take Care of Beaches

The rising levels of trash on beaches is concerning, to say the least. Whenever you go to the beach, make sure you clean up after yourself. If you have the time, consider organizing or participating in beach clean-up drives.

Discourage Marine Life Exploitation

Stop buying products like coral jewelry and tortoiseshell hair accessories that contribute to marine life exploitation. You should also avoid cosmetic products that use shark squalene.

Make it a habit to research any product before purchasing it. A quick internet search will give you the peace of mind that you’re not creating demand for unsustainable products.

Lower Your Energy Consumption

One of the easiest ways to help the oceans and the planet, in general, is to reduce your energy consumption. Be more mindful of your everyday energy usage by turning off electronics, dialing back the thermostat, switching to renewable energy, installing energy-efficient lights, and so on.  These practices will lower your carbon footprint as well as increase your energy savings.

Avoid Using Chemical Fertilizers

Because of rainfall or irrigation, chemical fertilizers run-off and enter nearby water bodies. These fertilizers can deplete oxygen found in marine ecosystems and harm the aquatic species.

Avoid using chemical fertilizers and instead start composting, which is good for the environment and also virtually free.

Fish Responsibly

If you enjoy fishing, then it’s important to practice this hobby responsibly. Before going out, make sure you are not fishing in a marine protected area. To further improve native fish populations, try ‘catch and release’ fishing. This is a sustainable technique to enjoy fishing while conserving marine wildlife.

Don’t Release Exotic Fish

If you no longer wish to look after your aquarium, do not release the fish into the ocean. Releasing exotic fish can disrupt the marine ecosystem. Instead, give them to a friend or contact your local aquarium shop.

Go on Ocean-friendly Cruise

Are you planning to go on a cruise? Cruise ships are often notorious for being polluting. You should look for environmentally-conscious cruise companies or find another way to vacation.

Take Drastic Action to Save Our Oceans

In addition to doing your part, it’s also crucial to hold governments and large corporations accountable. Continue educating yourself, take part in discussions, and use your voice to create a sustainable future.

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