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Met Office Launch NEW Climate Data Whitepaper for Renewables Sector



The Met Office has launched its new whitepaper for the energy sector, entitled, ‘Finding the optimum weather and climate data for the energy sector’.

The risks associated with weather and climate change will (if not already) play a fundamental role in influencing tactical and strategic decision making processes across the industry.

This whitepaper looks at the challenges posed to the global energy sector as a result of this ongoing transformation process, and also includes:

–       ‘Demystifying climate data’

o   The Met Office showcases how its climate data services framework can aid companies in understanding and sourcing the optimum types of data to solve their challenges

–       Advising on the best options for data interpretation

o   The whitepaper also highlights how the Met Office can provide consultancy advice to help source the most appropriate data and generate data specifically for each client, often combined with a number of other variables to solve the problems they face.

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