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Most popular on Blue Green November 2015



These were the articles that were read by most people in November 2015.

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Amber Rudd’s speech on a new direction for UK energy policy

will deliver at scale. New gas replacing coal. Getting new nuclear off the ground. Reducing the costs of offshore wind. And unleashing innovation to discover the clean and cheap technologies of tomorrow.” Read more.

World’s largest insurance company Allianz divests from coal

he world’s largest insurance company, Allianz announced that it will pull the plug on investments in coal companies and increase investments in wind energy. Allianz is one of the largest financial institutions in the world managing €2 trillion. They estimate the decision will result in a shift of €4 billion. Read more.

Campaigners celebrate as Science Museum drops Shell as sponsor

Today, campaigners revealed that the Science Museum’s controversial sponsorship deal with Shell will end this December. In response to a Freedom of Information request from BP or not BP?, the museum confirmed that it “…does not have plans to renew its existing sponsorship deal or initiate a new deal or funding agreement with Royal Dutch Shell.” Read more.

Call to Scale Up Climate Finance after Paris Summit – 3 Point Plan to Convert INDC Goals into Climate Investment Pipeline

A worldwide group of global climate finance organisations has issued a call for coordinated action to scale up climate investment ‘infrastructure’ and financial flows following the COP21 Paris Conference in early December. Read more.

US$100 billion in new renewable investments power Indian energy transition

Investments worth over US$100 billion in the past eight months alone are driving an unprecedented shift to renewable energy in India, according to a major new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). Read more.

Autumn Statement: Renewable heat support set to continue, says Chancellor. Read more.

Jonathan Reynolds MP to move Private Members Bill in favour of Proportional Representation. Read more.

Interactive map launched to help Highways England plan £500m green retrofit of existing roads. Read more.

Subsidies for solar 22 times less than people think, poll shows. Read more.

Stefanie O’Gorman of Jacobs on Natural Capital. Read more.

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