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New Satellite Tasking Service launched for forestry and environmental usage



Airbus Defence and Space Launches “One Tasking”, New Satellite Tasking Service for Forestry and Environmental Applications

Airbus Defence and Space launched its latest development in satellite imagery acquisition and distribution, One Tasking. Representing a major step change, One Tasking offers customers working in forestry and environmental fields the most intuitive and cost-effective way to rapidly task an Airbus Defence and Space satellite – all from the comfort of their own desk or when out in the field.

The new One Tasking service provides 24/7/365 access to Airbus Defence and Space’s high-resolution and wide-swath satellite sensors. A team of dedicated in-house experts ensures that any requested area is captured on time and in line with the customer’s requirements.

30 years ago, Airbus Defence and Space was the first to offer bespoke satellite tasking services – helping to support a variety of unique forestry related challenges, ranging from managing ecosystem restoration projects and the impact of storms or fire to preparing ground inventory and tracking forest cover changes. Today, with One Tasking, Airbus Defence and Space is resetting the bar once again, with a capability to only deliver the very best results. This commitment to customer centric flexibility goes far beyond the current “best effort” approach, where cloud cover and other environmental factors can too often reduce the extractable value from the resulting imagery.

“We wanted to create a product which was unlike anything already on the market and truly focused on the forestry industry and related environmental markets’ specific needs. To achieve this we asked our customers to challenge us. The result was a clear desire to eliminate some of the risk and simplify the longwinded ordering-process clients associated with tasking satellites,” said Bernhard Brenner, Head of Intelligence Business Cluster at Airbus Defence and Space. “With One Tasking, those objectives have been met and in many areas exceeded, especially with our commitment to only deliver the very best results, which we believe is a real game changer.”

A variety of tailored One Tasking solutions are also available to meet specific industry needs and requirements:

• OneDay: Risk-free imagery acquisition for a specific day.
Weather forecast will be sent 24 hours before the acquisition date, enabling customers to confirm, postpone or even cancel a tasking request, at no cost.

• OneNow: Immediate and useful imagery in an instant.
Satellites are tasked to deliver valuable insights in the shortest possible timeframe.

• OnePlan: Qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe.
The qualified coverage is agreed and delivered according to customer selected timeframes and dates to meet specific project milestones.

• OneSeries: Repeated coverage.
Imagery is acquired and delivered on a regular basis to monitor long-term changes or highly dynamic situations.

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