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Paris Promises Must Be Met



CARE International are calling on governments to do everything in their power to help meet the targets of the Paris climate deal. The Paris Agreement is likely to come into effect earlier than first planned, but CARE warn climate change will cause worldwide chaos if a risk strategy is not put in place soon.

Governments need to roll up their sleeves at the forthcoming UN climate talks in Bonn, from May 16 – 26, to form a roadmap for delivering on the Paris climate promises. Deeper emissions reductions and more support for adaptation are needed to help poor people cope with escalating climate disruption.

Sven Harmeling, Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator at CARE International, said: “The Paris Agreement is an important first step forward, but now is the time for all countries to step up and turn the political rhetoric into real action to curb emissions and build the resilience of the world’s poorest people, especially women and girls who are at the front lines of climate impacts.

“During the past year we have witnessed the shocking human toll of climate change, as record-breaking temperatures and the strongest El Niño on record have fuelled heat waves, storms, floods and droughts causing unprecedented suffering and food insecurity for poor people across the world.”

“With countries’ climate plans still putting the world on a dangerous pathway to a 3°C or more temperature increase, urgent emissions cuts are needed to keep warming below 1.5°C. This is critical for the survival of the world’s poorest people and countries. 

“It is a gross injustice that poor people are paying the price for the consequences of a problem they didn’t cause in the first place. Developed countries must be held accountable for the climate finance pledged in Paris. The meeting in Bonn must, therefore, send a strong signal for greater ambition on all fronts.”