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Recommendations For Flood Review Is ‘A Wash-out’ Claim Friends Of The Earth



Friends of the Earth campaigner, Guy Shrubsole, has responded to the National Flood Resilience Review published today by the government.

He said: “This review suggests a sea-change in government understanding of floods, but its recommendations are a wash-out.

“£12.5m for temporary flood defences is a drop in the ocean when the review concludes that winter rainfall could increase by up to 30% in future in parts of the UK – signalling politicians’ acceptance that the climate is changing radically.”

This is a huge increase in rainfall on top of the unprecedented extreme weather that caused such suffering last winter, and will put thousands more homes and businesses at risk.

“Yet the review ducks a commitment to higher long-term investment in defences, and contains nothing on working with nature to reduce flooding, such as planting trees. These are challenges Andrea Leadsom must now address, or many more households will face the misery of flooding in future.”

 Jon Robinson, Director – Water at AECOM, following the publication of the review commented:

“We welcome the National Flood Resilience Review and its recognition that extreme and rare events could become more frequent due to the changing climate.

 “Encouragingly, it includes a commitment to an integrated, cross-sector approach to protecting critical infrastructure through closer collaboration between water, telecoms and power companies. This will help develop longer term, permanent improvements in the resilience of service provision to communities in the event of extreme flooding.

 “The Review paves the way for a new approach to flood risk management. Ultimately, a more holistic approach that brings together multiple stakeholders working together across entire catchments is needed. While the Review rightly advocates a strategic, long-term approach to flood management, our hope is that funding too will increase in real terms in recognition of its importance.

 “Crucially, the Review makes the link between flood management, resilient infrastructure and urban regeneration. It is vital the opportunities to create social and economic value from improved flood management are maximised.”