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importance of water in eco-friendly diets importance of water in eco-friendly diets


The Importance of Drinking More Water on an Eco-Friendly Diet

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There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when you are living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of the changes are incredibly obvious. You may want to lower your carbon footprint by using renewable energy, purchasing green products from eco-friendly brands and reducing the amount of time that you drive to lower the level of pollution that you produce.

One thing that you might not think enough about is your diet. Your diet has a surprisingly large impact on the planet. You need to eat foods that leave the lowest possible carbon footprint if you are serious about sustainability.

One thing that you need to do on a sustainable diet is consume more water. You may be surprised to know that drinking more water can do a lot to help the planet.

The Surprising Importance of Drinking More Water to Help the Planet

Did you know that water is an essential nutrient? It is one of the three nutrients needed for the human body. According to some experts, water forms the major component in the structure of the body and is responsible for carrying oxygen to cells.

What we drink determines the condition of our body. If we are dehydrated, we will feel thirsty and weak. Our body also needs water in order to function well. Therefore, people should drink enough water to carry oxygen to cells, maintain fluid balance and avoid dehydration.

After all, maintaining proper hydration is essential for our overall well-being. In cases of severe dehydration, medical intervention might be necessary, such as receiving fluids through a drip IV, which is often employed to rapidly restore the body’s electrolyte balance and fluid levels.

What you may not realize is that drinking more water can also be advantageous to the environment. Here are some eco-friendly benefits of drinking more water:

  • You reduce your appetite. You will leave a larger carbon footprint if you consume more food. All the food that you eat requires energy to produce and transport. Even if you use eco-friendly food shopping guidelines, you are still leaving a carbon footprint with your diet. You will not want to eat as much when you drink more water, which will indirectly lower your carbon footprint.
  • You will be healthier and need less medical care. Water is very important for your overall health. This can be surprisingly important for the planet as well. When you drink more water, you will probably not need to see your doctor as often. This means that you won’t have to travel to the doctor’s office, which leaves a larger carbon footprint. You also will be less likely to need blood thinners, insulin injections and other treatments, which are also not so good for the environment.

You need to drink enough water to stay healthy and protect the planet. You can find some guidelines below.

Why do I need so much?

Water helps our body in many ways. It lubricates your joints, maintains optimal metabolism and regulates various processes. Moreover, it is a key element for cell division and repair.

How much does my body really need?

Water consumption must be appropriate for the body. We should drink enough to fulfill the needs of our body. According to different experts, an average of eight 8 ounce glasses (or 2 liters of water) per day is the safe limit. For someone who is frequently active, this limit can be increased.

How can I increase water intake?

Water should be added to food rather than drinking it directly. Some people drink a cup of water before a meal to help with overeating. Water provides a natural, refreshing taste. Depending on the area you live, water is free and you can have access to it anywhere like through your tap. Tap water generally is safe to drink.

Especially in areas like Melbourne, tap water is filtered and is commonly consumed without any hesitation. You can hire a plumber (such as to inspect your water line and make sure the tap water is clear of clogged drains and bacteria.

Are there any side effects?

There is no such side effect. However, if you have an existing kidney or liver disease, it is recommended to consult your physician before starting this new habit. Do not take too much water. The risk of becoming dehydrated is greater when water is taken rapidly. Drink gradually and take in enough to keep your body hydrated.

Why is this useful

Water gives many benefits to the human body. Among them, it aids in the proper function of the body system. It regulates the body’s metabolism and keeps it at a healthy state.

Water is one of the most plentiful and cleanest natural resources on the planet. It can be easily gotten by using faucets. Drinking water is a simple way to obtain this valuable nutrient, which will greatly benefit your health.

How does it work

Water consumption plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of chemicals and minerals in our bodies. It regulates how our body functions. It also lubricates and softens our bodily tissue.

Why is it an essential nutrient

Water helps our skin to stay moist. It is the body’s natural moisturizer. This is why we often feel drier after taking a bath or shower. The constant flow of water also flushes out toxins that accumulate in our body.

Can you have thirst

Yes, indeed you can. When we drink more water, we feel thirsty. We also tend to urinate more often. Flushing out the toxins in our bodies also helps us stay away from dehydration.

How do you like your water? It is best if you drink clean and pure water. You can choose from tap, filtered, and bottled water. But whatever you choose, make sure that it is safe to drink.

Why is water an essential nutrient

It keeps us healthy. The most effective way to keep our bodies in tip-top shape is to drink lots of water. Water has many benefits for our health and wellness. If you want to know more about how drinking water can help you achieve good health and wellness, there is a lot of good information online.

Why is water an essential nutrient for mothers

Our bodies are built to give birth. During pregnancy, our body is fully developed and ready to carry a child. When you take a few drinks, you give your body the nutrients it needs. Just as you need rest and nutrition after a long day at work, your body needs to be refueled after giving birth.

Why is water an essential nutrient for babies

Babies born to naturally-fed mothers have many water benefits. Not only does mother nature provide them with plenty of water, breast milk is loaded with nutrients needed by the baby. But did you know that formula or breast milk is empty calories? Empty calories are not beneficial to a growing baby.

Why is water an essential nutrient for athletes

Our body uses up more energy when exercising. So, drinking lots of water during exercise can help you get more energy, make your body use up more calories faster, and help you stay hydrated better. If you combine the water with the right diet and plenty of rest, you will find that you are having more fun, have more energy, and your workouts will be more productive.

Water is Essential for People on Eco-Friendly Diets

Water is important for everyone, but it is especially important on an eco-friendly diet. Not only for drinking but for obvious reasons such as showers, bathing, washing clothes and dishes. Day to day activities require water and our bodies require a lot of it.