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tips after buying an electric scooter to help with the planet tips after buying an electric scooter to help with the planet


Tips After Buying an Electric Scooter to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

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Electric vehicles can do a lot to help the planet. They tend to have a much lower carbon footprint than gas powered vehicles. They might not be perfectly carbon neutral. For example, electric vehicles are helping drive demand for dirty electricity. However, they are still a lot better overall.

Electric vehicles that are smaller tend to have an even lower carbon footprint. This is one of the reasons that eco-friendly consumers should consider investing in an electric scooter.

Here’s the truth, a lot goes behind safe and fun driving on an electric scooter. Buying it is just a step towards experiencing fun riding. 

Don’t fall for how easy it looks – you need proper knowledge and adequate practice to ensure your safety while riding on the busy streets. 

This is where we step in. 

We have listed useful tips on how to get started using your electric scooter the right way. 

Take a look. 

Here is How to Get Started Using Electric Scooters

We have talked in the past about the benefits of using electric scooters to help lower your carbon footprint. However, you still need to know how to use them. Your efforts to help the planet will be for naught if you end up getting yourself hurt using them the wrong way.

Even if you’ve used electric scooters earlier, know that every model is unique. We suggest spending time getting familiar with your brand new electric scooter before hitting the streets. 

Here is how you can approach riding an electric scooter:

  • Find a vast open area to practice driving.
  • Wear correct safety gear, including helmet
  • If the electric scooter comes with an LED screen, turn on the screen and perform different functions.
  • You can practice turning the power button off and on.
  • Try different speeds to determine which one you like best.
  • Practice slowing down the scooter using the brakes. The type of scooter you have might have multiple braking methods in the front and back.
  • Practice acceleration by using the throttle.
  • Try out the lights on your e-scooter for night-time riding.
  • Examine the locking mechanism of the scooter.
  • If your scooter can fold, try it out. Consult the scooter manual if not sure.

Steps to Riding on an Electric Scooter

Now that you know how your electric scooter functions, it’s time to learn how to ride it. Here is our step-by-step instruction guide.

Step 1: Put your e-scooter on a flat roadway or sidewalk.

It will allow you to get the feel of using your electric scooter. You don’t want to go out on a bumpy street or up a hill the first ride.

Step 2: Lift the kickstand.

Make use of one foot to lift the kickstand. Based on the scooter you’re using, it will either be placed underneath or next to it.

Step 3: Put your feet in the right place.

One foot should be at the side of the scooter deck. Whatever foot you prefer is fine, but both feet should not be on the scooter until you are ready. Hold the handlebars in your hands.

Step 4: Put your preferred foot on the deck

Place your strong foot behind the front of your foot. It will help you maintain your equilibrium.

Step 5: Press the throttle slowly.

Each electric scooter has different kinds of throttles but usually the process is identical. It is crucial to begin with gentle throttle to get your scooter moving. Be careful not to press down on the throttle with force because this can cause your scooter to sway forwards, and you could lose control.

Step 6: Turn the handlebars around to keep them balanced.

Maintain your hands over the bars. When you turn the handlebars, it will cause the scooter’s wheels to rotate.

Step 7: Apply the brakes

Utilise scooter brakes to stop. Be careful not to break abruptly, as this could result in you losing your balance and falling off the bike. The majority of electric scooters have back and front brakes. The user usually uses the back brake to stop slowly, and the front brake is employed when there is an urgent need to stop.

Mistakes to Avoid When Riding an Electric Scooter

Accelerating too Fast

It happens when the driver has pushed the throttle excessively. If you make this mistake, it can result in you losing control of your scooter. So, if you’re starting, pick the slowest mode to prevent losing control.

Hard Braking

If you are braking hard, it could cause damage to the brake pads of your scooter. Therefore, braking should only be used in the event of an emergency, when you’re at the risk of hitting the ground or another person.

Use Electric Scooters Properly as an Eco-Conscious Consumer

A lot of people that are worried about the environment are taking new measures to lower their carbon footprint. One eco-friendly idea is to drive an electric scooter. However, you have to make sure that you ride it correctly.

What do you think about the tips mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!


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