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Trucost And TruValue Labs Team Up To Provide Enhanced, Real-Time ESG Data For Investors



Trucost and TruValue Labs have today announced a partnership to provide investors with enhanced, real-time environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. The natural alignment between Trucost, environmental data experts, and TruValue Labs, a technology-based ESG analytics firm, allows both firms to provide the next level of high-quality data that investors increasingly demand.

The market for responsible finance has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, driven by awareness of the risks and opportunities of climate change. There is a growing divestment movement among investors wanting to reduce exposure to polluting, carbon-intensive business activities. Investors need good quality, up-to-date ESG data to engage with companies and inform investment decisions.

By combining Trucost’s in-depth environmental data with TruValue Labs’ real-time ESG data, clients will for the first time be able to get a complete and up-to-date understanding of a company’s environmental performance and evolving management.

Trucost enhances its quantitative data on company performance by engaging with companies to ensure its accuracy. Trucost’s environment impact ratio compares the cost of company’s pollution and resource use to its annual revenue, providing a useful metric to assess environmental performance.

“I’m very excited about this partnership opportunity with Trucost, as this agreement will allow both companies to use each other’s data to enhance and expand our product offering to customers,” said Sebastian Brinkmann, Head of Business Development at TruValue Labs.

Phil Kim, Chief Product Officer at TruValue Labs explained: “This agreement will allow us to include the Trucost impact ratio as a new environmental data point within Insight360, as well as including Trucost company and sector reports. These new data points will be invaluable as additional data points to understanding the environmental performance of the companies covered in our universe.”

Libby Bernick, Senior Vice President of Trucost North America, said: “Investors want rigorous and comparable data on corporate ESG performance. This partnership combines Trucost’s reputation for comprehensive and accurate environmental performance data with TruValue’s user-friendly provision of real-time ESG information to give investors the tools they need to inform decision making.“

The data partnership aims to leverage the relative strengths of both companies, with the agreement also including the integration of real-time Insight360 sustainability data with Trucost’s Company Engagement Report. By working together, Trucost and TruValue Labs will work towards their stated objectives of promoting the availability of high-quality ESG data, as well as the tools required to effectively incorporate this data, to meet the demands of the investment community.


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