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How Urban Gardens in Small Spaces Will Help the Environment

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Urban gardens help add some natural beauty to one’s residence in the city. People need these spaces where they can admire the view and relax after a long day at work. Furthermore, even a compact garden can provide fresh herbs. If you want to make the best out of your garden, check out several urban garden ideas for small spaces.

#1. Develop a Green Wall

By this term, we don’t mean you should paint your walls white. Also known as a living wall, a green wall enables you to maximize your space. This is a form of vertical gardening that urban dwellers will love. Apart from having more plants around, the so-called wall adds great texture to one’s property.

For example, a succulent wall is made using some planting fabrics, planters, chicken wire, potting soil, a picture frame, and a shadow box made out of wood. Of course, you have the option to buy a constructed frame from your local home improvement store. Place the potting soil in the planters and ensure that you can conveniently access the chicken wire.

Let the succulents grow for two months or so in full sunlight. This period allows their roots to be established in the potting soil. Afterward, you can place the frame in a vertical manner on your wall. Apart from succulents, you can also grow fruits and vegetables on a green wall.

2) Paint Your Walls White

One of the easiest ways to make your small urban garden look lively is with a splash of white. A clean and white appearance helps to brighten the environment. In fact, you can achieve a bit of symmetry if you also place some white pieces of furniture nearby. The texture is also enhanced with a section of bricks painted white.

3) Make Use of Flower Pots

A garden doesn’t need to have raised flower beds or a sprawling lawn to be alluring. Flower pots placed in an organized manner are charming on their own. Moreover, these can be conveniently moved from one section of your small garden to another. You can pick pots of the same color for some uniformity or get containers in different sizes. As for the flowers you can grow, we’ve got some recommendations.

For one, the lantana can give your urban space vivid shades of red, orange, or pink all year round. It thrives in full sunlight and you barely have to take care of it. Likewise, the moonflower plant sports a large white flower. This plant can even be used to have a bit of privacy since it can reach a height of 15 feet. If you want a bit of yellow in your space, the drought-resistant blanket flower or gaillardia should be considered.

4) Grow Vegetables in Containers

Apart from flowers, vegetables can also be grown in small urban gardens. There are several container vegetable garden ideas for you to consider. For one, you should pick plastic containers instead of the clay variant. The latter does look pretty, but the former has better moisture retention.

If you want, you can place a plastic container inside a bigger clay pot. This actually has a functional value: plants stay cool and moist if you use two pots for each of them. However, the key here is to place some sphagnum moss or some scrunched up newspaper sheets between the pots. Remember to irrigate this space as well when you water the vegetables. Place them where they can receive enough sunlight and ventilation.

You can also grow some vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and eggplants in hanging baskets. Apart from saving on space, the use of hanging baskets allows you to harvest the crops without having to bend down whatsoever. No matter what type of container you utilize, you should keep the plants well-fed with a liquid fertilizer. Do this two times every month — the application of compost will also help the soil in the container.

5) Create an Exotic Vibe with Tropical Plants

While being minimalist is undeniably pleasing, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add a bit of flair as well. If you to catch the attention of people, you can grow hardy tropical plants. In a way, you’ll have a bit of the jungle vibes in your urban dwelling. The lucky bamboo is a good inclusion in one’s urban garden. It’s a houseplant that thrives in filtered sunlight and in well-draining soil. Furthermore, its green and slender stalks are distinctive among the common-looking shrubs.

6) Stack Raised Garden Beds

stack raised garden beds


A garden bed isn’t exactly small. However, you can place several of them in a compact garden if you stack them properly. The idea here is to place them on top of one another to resemble steps on a staircase. Apart from adding a sense of depth to the area, the stacked beds also ensure that all the plants in them get the sunlight they need.

7) Add a Mirror at the Corner

While it won’t increase the garden space available, a well-placed long sheet mirror will instantly make it seem bigger. A modern mirror panel not only gives the illusion of a large area but it also improves the illumination in otherwise gloomy corners. You can surround the mirror with potted evergreens such as juniper bushes and the Japanese juniper tree.

8) Single-Container Garden


Here’s an idea that’s certainly meant for small urban gardens. If you really want to save on space, you can have one single container for your chosen plants. A great choice would be galvanized trough. Drill some holes at the bottom for drainage and fill it with enough soil to support herbs and vegetables alike. It’s a huge container, but it basically acts as a portable garden bed.

A small urban garden can accommodate a lot of plants if you get creative. From single-container gardening to stacked raised bed, there are many ideas to choose. Likewise, minor changes such as placing a mirror or painting the wall white can greatly improve the appeal of your garden. We hope that this guide gave you inspiration.

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