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You May Not Realize but These Items are Taking Up Unnecessary Space in Your Home



Does the idea of de-cluttering your home make you shudder?

If it does, then it’s a good sign you have more than what you need in your house. You might not realise it, but there are plenty of items taking up unnecessary space in your home.


Why are you holding on to your old monitor and clunky hard drive? Old computers have no place in your modern home. Computer technicians are readily available should something go wrong – so any old computer equipment can go straight to the tip or be sold for parts.


Do you have half a dozen chairs you never use, but save just in case you host a dinner party? Unless they are beautiful, high quality chairs which are a feature in their own right, it’s time to get rid of them. Expecting guests? Buy some fold-out chairs which can be stored away out of sight when they’re not in use and bring them out for large crowds.


It might be nice having all your crystal on display on a large cabinet but there’s no need for it to take up half your living room. Worse still, if it’s made of MDF with a wooden veneer. It’s not a quality item, it’s not an antique and it certainly won’t be as durable as a genuine wooden item. If you don’t want to pay for a solid rimu cabinet then at least downsize to something more modern and minimalist. This one is straight for the removal companies in Sunderland to deal with!


Sure, you might want to hold on to your first mixed tape from your first date or a home video from your 90s holiday to Disneyland, but the reality is these tapes are wasting space – and they don’t look pretty anyway. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to go digital. Nearly all music is available online and with the creation of playlists and music apps you don’t need cassette tapes, CDs or even DVDs these days. With cloud storage and external hard drives readily available, you can throw out all your discs and most definitely anything with winding tape.


Following on from the above, if you have no cassette tapes left then you don’t need anything which plays cassette tapes! Replace with something compacter.


Take a look around in your kitchen and find out what do you actually use? What do you use daily, weekly or monthly? And what have you not used for five years? Chances are there’s an old blender or bread maker which hasn’t seen the light of day in years.


The linen cupboard can always do with a clean out. Often we purchase or inherit multiple sets of sheets, towels and napkins which end up collecting dust in the linen cupboard. While it’s nice to keep the “good” linen for guests, you don’t need seven sets of napkins to match seven different tablecloths. Choose the best ones and throw out the rest.


The only magazines in your house should be ones from the current year. Most magazines these days have a subscription option for your e-reader or tablet. Holding on to old photography magazines? Equipment and technology is changing every year so chances are the edition from five years ago is no longer relevant.

It takes time to declutter your home – but there are plenty of easy ways to make more space by getting rid of bulky, outdated items which no longer serve a purpose in today’s world.


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