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What Happens To The Rubbish You Put In A Skip Hire?



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Landfills are becoming a major source of soil pollution. Almost 80% of all soil pollution can be traced to them. This means that we all need to do our part to either minimize landfill waste or make sure it is properly disposed of.

The environmental consequences are something that you need to consider when finding a skip hire company. It is important to make sure that the rubbish is properly disposed of.

Understanding the Environmental Footprint of Skip Hires

Are you truly committed to being a green company? You can earn more capital with customers if you are eco-friendly. One poll found that 80% of customers support companies that go green.

However, if you want to be an eco-friendly business, then you will need to make some hard choices. This includes choosing the right skip hire companies.

When it comes to choosing a skip hire company, you’ll probably make a decision on who to use based on price and availability. This is generally a good starting point. You’ll find some of the best companies are those that work with national with local offices, such as Impala skip hire.

But there is another element you should consider before deciding which business to use. You need to know what happens to the rubbish you put in a skip. This is very important if you are a green company.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, there is no doubt that the world is changing and that waste is piling up in places. Everyone needs to do their bit to eliminate waste and recycle as much as possible. If you’re using a skip you need to know what they’re going to do with the rubbish you put in it.

There’s a big difference between discarding it all and recycling everything. Of course, any waste provider is a little limited by the items you put in the skip.

The Law

The government and your local council are committed to reducing waste. As such, they have developed the zero to landfill policy. As its name suggests, the goal is to avoid sending anything to the landfill.

The council recognizes this isn’t something that can be changed instantly, but, they are working towards doing this within the next 5-10 years. That means all skip hire companies need to be aware of the regulations and do their part to ensure items are recycled as much as possible.

Before choosing a company to remove your waste, make sure they are committed to being compliant with the law.

Emptying Skips

Once the skip has been removed from your property it is taken back to the company’s base. They will then evaluate what is in the skip. Materials are separated into different piles, ensuring that similar materials are kept together.

Waste materials are placed into one container, ready to go to landfill, this is the container that needs to be reduced to zero as soon as possible. The rest of the items are grouped and dealt with as follows:

  • Wood Furniture

Wood and chipboard furniture can be reused to make new products. This doesn’t mean more furniture but the wood can be put through the shredder and turned into small chips. These pieces of chipped wood can then be used in gardening industries, at home when gardening, or simply used to burn and create energy/heat.

Although burning does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at least the wood you’re burning has already been cut down, you’re not cutting down new wood.

  • Garden Waste

Garden waste can be composted and reused in your garden, for landscaping, or even by farmers. Of course, it takes time to naturally decompose at your home. But, once it has decomposed it can be reused by businesses, giving the land a natural boost and improving plant life.

  • Excess Soil

Construction projects usually need to dig the soil out of the ground to allow them to create foundations. The soil cannot be left on site unless you want a hill in the garden.

The skip company will remove the soil and send it to a land reclamation scheme, allowing it to help create more space for more houses.

  • Hardcore

Tiles, glass, stone, brick, and even concrete can’t generally be reused in their natural form. However, they can be crushed by a powerful machine and then reused in building projects.

Hardcore is an essential ingredient in most building projects, this hardcore can actually come in useful when creating foundations for the property or driveway.

  • Scrap Material

Many materials that are considered scrap in the U are invaluable in other countries. The range of materials under this category is wide but they can all be reused by other countries. In fact, the revenue created by exporting scrap equates to billions of pounds per year, that’s an important contribution to the economy.

  • Recycling

Materials such as computers, fridges, DVD players, and other electrical items are generally detrimental to the environment as they have various liquids that can leak and cause damage to the planet.

However, in many cases, these items can be refurbished and reused. If this isn’t possible then the energy industry will take them and use them to generate electricity.

Summing Up Of Rubbish In a Skip

The basic premise is that the rubbish you place in the skip should be recycled as much as possible. Skip hire companies are working hard toward achieving this goal and it’s not just to comply with government legislation or to save the planet.

  • Budgeting

Skip hire firms have to pay a landfill tax in order to access landfill sites. This rate increases year by year and can become a costly burden on any business. The less the business needs to use the landfill sites the lower the charge and the more affordable the skips can be.

In short, recycling more means a better bottom line for businesses.

  • Eco-Impact

The simple fact is that plastic bottles and metal cans take as long as 200 years to decompose. Plastic bottles also use oil when being manufactured, a fossil fuel that is running out.

Reducing the use of these products means less landfill, lower use of fossil fuels, and less damage to the environment.

  • Freeing The Land

If landfill sites are no longer needed then this land can be used by the local community for something else. Obviously, it needs to be properly cleared and treated first.

Skip hire firms like Impala Skip Hire are helping the environment and the local community, as well as their bottom line, by reducing and eventually eliminating the waste that goes to landfill.

All you have to do to help them is use the skips to dispose of waste and ensure that you only dispose of approved items. The skip hire firm will deal with everything else for you! That makes it pretty easy for you to do your bit to save the environment.

Great Skip Hires Are Great for the Environment

Every eco-friendly business needs to appreciate the importance of proper waste management. You need to take the right measures to minimize your waste. This means choosing the right skip hire is very important.

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