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Why Eco-Friendly Consumers Are Embracing CBD



Are you passionate about following an eco-friendly lifestyle? You are going to need to find the most environmentally friendly ways to treat your medical conditions.

CBD is known to be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Earth911 and other environmentalist research groups have emphasized the benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD? Why are so many eco-friendly consumers turning to it?

Understanding the Health Benefits of CBD

We will delve into detail about the environmental benefits of CBD. However, before we emphasize them, we want cover the health benefits.

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a medicinal substance in the cannabis flower. Although it’s often touted as a new discovery in pharmacology, it’s actually a rediscovery. Medical professionals in different cultures have used it for centuries to treat their patients for a variety of health issues. 

CBD is primarily used for pain relief. One survey found that 62% of participants used it to treat pain. A 2017 study found CBD was highly effective for pain relief. Follow-up studies reached similar conclusions.

We are finally starting to utilize CBD again as a medical agent. What’s different now is that we have the science to explain how the compound in the flower interacts with molecular biological systems in our bodies. We have also refined CBD oil to improve the efficacy of cannabidiol’s healing properties. Unfortunately, consumers feel confused about it, primarily because the volume of marketing material exceeds the scientific literature. 

Why is CBD Beneficial for the Environment?

There are a number of reasons environmentalists have started supporting CBD. David’s Been Here, a blog that emphasizes a number of environmental issues, has talked about some of the reasons it is good for the planet.

It obviously doesn’t use a lot of harmful chemicals to produce, like pharmaceuticals. However, there other benefits to it even relative to other natural treatments. Hemp plants don’t require fertilizer or much water or pesticides. This means that the environmental footprint is very low.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Oil 

CBD oil offers many health benefits. The US government has sponsored considerable research to find out what CBD oil can do and how it works. 

Based on some scientific research and plenty of anecdotal evidence, CBD has a positive effect on autoimmune diseases like inflammation, neurological problems like Parkinson’s, metabolic syndromes like obesity, psychiatric disorders like ADHD, intestinal diseases like colitis, cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, cancers like glioblastoma, and skin diseases like dermatitis.  

Types of CBD Oils 

Although there is no clear classification between CBD oils, other than pure isolates and full-spectrum oils, efficacy can vary because of different extraction methods.  

The best extraction method uses supercritical carbon dioxide. Pressurized carbon dioxide extracts cannabidiol from the cannabis flower. This is the most expensive method and has no toxic byproducts. 

A less effective method uses olive oil.  This natural oil inefficiently extracts cannabidiol from the cannabis flower. This is a less expensive method than supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. It, too, has no toxic byproducts. Sometimes manufacturers use coconut oil for extraction. 

The least effective method uses butane. This hydrocarbon gas inefficiently extracts cannabidiol from the cannabis flower. This is a cheap method. It has many harmful toxic byproducts. Sometimes manufacturers use propane solvents for extraction. 

Because of the huge difference in value and purity, you should choose CBD oil extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide. However, if you find it too expensive, you could use CBD oil extracted with natural oil. And, of course, you should avoid those that use petroleum-based extraction methods as you will probably do yourself more harm than good. 

Fortunately, manufacturers who use higher quality extraction methods mention this in their literature as this is a good selling point. The way to detect cheap extraction methods is to notice the absence of comments about the quality of the oil itself and the price looks a little too good to be true. 

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum Oil 

Initially, alternative medical practitioners thought that pure CBD oil was a superior form of medication because it was easy to attribute the therapeutic effects of an isolated compound. But researchers later discovered that full-spectrum oils had synergistic cannabinoids like flavonoids, terpenes, and CBN that created a beneficial entourage effect. Consuming the entire plant for its medicinal properties helps someone get the full benefits of using CBD oil.

Legal Status of CBD Oil 

If you come across any information about how the legality of CBD is still in question, then you are probably looking at dated information. CBD oil became legal in all fifty states after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. It is now legal in every state under federal law. 

Overall, CBD oil is well-tolerated by most users and has many beneficial properties. Users base a large proportion of the benefits on anecdotal evidence because scientists are still trying to catch up with understanding the effects CBD has on the human endocannabinoid system and clinical trials take a long time. 

CBD is Ideal for Environmentalists

If you are committed to sustainability, then you need to look at alternative ways to treat medical problems. This means you should look into the benefits of CBD. CBD is very helpful if you don’t want to have a large environmental footprint.

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