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Biogas by Robert Basic via Flickr Biogas by Robert Basic via Flickr


Xergi Receives Coveted British Award for Biogas Technology



Xergi has won the category for “Best International Agricultural Plant” at the annual AD & Biogad Industry Awards in Birmingham on 6th-7th July 2016. The biogas plant, Nature Energy Holsted in Denmark, was commissioned by Xergi in 2015.

“We see this award as an acknowledgement of the technical solutions we have developed during recent years. The new technology means that the biogas plant can extract gas from deep litter and straw – biomasses that were previously unfit for use in biogas production. The award also confirms Xergi’s technological leadership in the business and could open new doors for export of solutions and equipment, “ says CEO Jørgen Ballermann from Xergi.

The biogas plant in Holsted, Denmark, was developed together by a group of farmers and Xergi.

The investors behind the plant are the Danish energy company NGF Nature Energy and Xergi, in addition to the group of farmers which also delivers deep litter and animal slurry to the plant.

The plant is unique as it treats more than 50,000 tons of deep litter per year and approx. 400,000 tons of biomasses in total. Xergi’s pretreatment concepts, X-hopper® and X-chopper®, are used to pretreat the biomasses – a robust technology which has obtained a European patent.

Furthermore, the biogas production creates additional value for agriculture as it converts the challenging biomasses into a liquid bio fertilizer.