Yesterday’s Headlines 22/06/2016


Yesterday it was announced that an Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland will power all of Nestlé’s operations in the UK and Ireland, SolarEdge won an award for their pioneering renewable technology, and Glastonbury festival revellers now have the luxury of eco-friendly showers. The Swedish Minister for Infrastructure also drove a hybrid truck down the first electric road for heavy-duty vehicles, and Ofgem approved a 354 mile long power cable that stretches across Europe. For all of yesterday’s headlines, keep reading below.

Scottish Renewables Will Power Nestlé Operations

ClientEarth Call for Diesel Pollution Clean Up

Liebreich Praises UK Offshore Wind “Success Story”

EQ Investors CEO Discusses Chinese P2P Innovation

Ofgem Gives 354 Mile Power Cable the Green Light

Minister Drives Hybrid Truck Down World’s First Electric Road

Voters Discuss EU Referendum Information in Latest Poll

Innovators Bring Blue Economy Workshop to London

Tomorrow’s EU Decision Could Change UK Environment

Scotland’s Energy Minister Highlights UK Renewable Growth