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9 scrap car parts that can be reused or recycled



In today’s day and age, it is more important than ever to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Whenever you think that most of your car parts are beyond help, think again. There is always a 90-95% chance that most of the parts can actually be salvageable. Here is a list of some of the parts :-

  • Engine Oil: Here’s one thing you need to know about Motor Oil – it never wears out. Most conventional oils out there are reliable for a good 3 months plus the synthetic oils are the ones that tend to last longer. Of course, it will get dirty and stuff and the main problem is its effective disposal which is very rarely done in a proper manner. But all you will need to do is to take it to a certified collection centre around your specific area so that you can ensure that it is reused and cleaned.
  • Auto Glass: Now the latest estimate in the U.S. is that a good 15 million windshields get replaced on a yearly basis. Initially it used to be difficult to recycle, but now thanks to improved technologies, both the glass and the plastic parts can be reused and recycled to make concrete blocks, glass bottles and other applications. Dealers who offer cash for junk cars can also buy auto glass for a decent price.
  • Batteries: Now these are the single most recycled product in the U.S with a astonishingly high 98-99% recycling rate. There are extremely strict state and regional laws that play a very important role in the enforcement of shipping older batteries to the recycling centers/manufacturers to make doubly sure that none of the toxic chemicals inside the battery leak into the environment.
  • Water Pumps: These do tend to make up the bulk of automobile parts that tend to be easily reused and remanufactured when they break down. A greal deal of auto part stores actually take old defunct parts as a form of deposit like which you pay to get a new part. Such incentives do make it easier for the large majority of customers out there to bring back their old and worn out parts with a reassured mind rather than simply throwing them away.
  • Tyres: Yet another car part that manages to get into the recycling circuit for the most part. Burning tyres are one of the worst hazards resulting not just in air pollution, but also soil pollution due to the fact that they also produce a toxic oily runoff that happens to be flammable as well. There is even the problem of space from the moment they get tossed into a landfill. There are more than enough reputed tire dealers around for you to take your worn out tires to, so no worries on that front.
  • Carpets and Mats: Now this one is quite the serious problem for the simple reason that a whopping 5 billion pounds of carpeting gets sent to the landfill every year and it is very rarely biodegradable. On this note, one can only hope that carpet recycling gets a new lease of life soon.
  • Alternators and starters: They too can be remanufactured, not to mention that they tend to be quite expensive when brand new. So in that regard, it would be economically wise of you to buy a recycled one instead.

As you can clearly see, there are a surprising amount of parts that can be saved and salvaged from rotting away worthlessly in a landfill if you just happen to look closely and do a great deal of research on your part.