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April’s top 10 green crowdfunding projects



Crowdfunding is becoming an ever-more popular way for entrepreneurs and small-scale projects to raise vital funds needed to kickstart their business. We owe a lot to crowdfunding ourselves, so have rounded up the 10 best projects currently on the lookout for democratic finance.

Ideas are usually pitched online through crowdfunding websites, and depending on the project, individuals are able to make either small contributions, invest for a potential future return on investment (ROI) or prepay for a service or product.

So without further ado, here’s our top 10 crowdfunding projects for April.

1. Ecovillage field study

The ecovillage movement (EVM) attempts to formulate an answer on how to alleviate humans’ ecological footprint on the earth. Focusing on movements such as self-sufficiency, localisation and scaling-down, EVM aims to reduce the overriding pressure on ecological services to maintain a sustainable and ecological balance.

2. Cut Television Production’s Carbon Footprint

This project is seeking £3,500 to build resources that help reduce carbon emissions from television production by giving employers easy access to local services closer to their filming locations. Local businesses will receive support from this project.

3. The Peoples Farm project

The Peoples Farm UK is seeking £125,000 to develop 1,000 green patches on a plot of land near London. The project aims to offer a chance to those that don’t have access to green spaces to benefit from growing their own crops alongside promoting ecological farming, sustainability and land development.

4. Please will you stop dropping litter project: this three-month project aims to reduce the amount of litter lying around on UK roadsides, countryside and public places, whilst attempting to help local councils recruit more litter pickers.

5. The Bee ShedMick Parker is seeking £500 to renovate a large shed into a classroom to educate school children on the ecological importance of honey bees.

6. Promotion campaign of Totnes homeless shelter: filmmaker Beccy Strong aims to make a promotional campaign for a homeless shelter in Totnes that is currently applying for a new planning status to provide night shelter in severe weather.

7. Grounded – An urban environmental art project for young peopleJames Beckett, MA in digital media art, is seeking £200 to fund  a series of workshops to make a large sculpture from a number of recycled shopping trollies.

8. Eco-friendly and Ethical Yarn ShopSofie Kay, an experienced yarn worker with a strong ethical and eco ethos, is asking for individuals to crowdfund £1,000 to help with the initial setup of an online eco-friendly and ethical yearn shop.

9. Newcastle Community Green Festival 2013: the voluntary-led Newcastle Community Green Festival promotes solutions to environmental problems whilst raising awareness of green and ethical issues,

10. Peace in Mali Music video: Support peace and freedom of expression in Mali: Mulele is asking for £2,500 to help pay for the filming and editing of a music video for 20 London-based musicians, for a song that promotes peace in Mali.

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