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The 5 Best Email Finder Programs For Green Businesses

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You may be working for or running an eco-friendly business, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in new technology. In fact, eco-friendly businesses often make investing in new technology a huge priority, because technology can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Many eco-friendly businesses have business models predicated on email. Unfortunately, since technology is fallible, it is important to use it effectively. One issue that green entrepreneurs and employees at eco-friendly businesses need to be prepared for is needing to look up email addresses.

The Importance of Finding Email Addresses When Running a Green Business

Have you ever had that experience — you are sitting in your office chair, laptop in front of you, ready to start that business email that your boss said was incredibly urgent and had to go out today? But what was the client’s email address? You can call the boss and ask them about it, but chances are they’ve already left the office. No, better to deal with this yourself.

These things happen to eco-friendly businesses that use email regularly. We sometimes forget small details such as names, addresses, or emails. No need to panic; there is a solution. Email finders! That’s right, no longer will we be slaves to our transient memory for unimportant details. Let us tell you something about email finders to ease up the stress while running a green business.

What are Email Finders?

Email finders are fantastic tools that let you locate a lost or forgotten email anywhere on the Internet. That’s right! Anywhere! As they say, if it’s been on the Internet once, it’ll probably still be there. Email finders parse HTML webpages and locate the data you need. All you need is the name of a person or the name of the company to get started. But how do email finders work exactly? They guess! You read right; they guess at what the person’s or company’s email would be based on an algorithm and a name. When people or companies set up professional emails, they try to stick to what is easy to read and remember. (,, etc.)

In what ways can I use Email Finders?

Besides finding a lost email, the finders can locate valuable company emails for you to grow your business. Having a larger portfolio of business contacts allows you to grow your marketing database. Without the right email address, you could easily end up getting your professional email blacklisted or even blocked while you try to ‘guess’ the right person’s info. This means that even if you manage to locate who you want to contact, they won’t receive your email. When trying to grow your business, it’s not enough to rely on SEO or word of mouth – you need to use some elbow grease. But don’t worry, your effort is minimal. Email finders have over 90% success rate, and they work super-fast, too. Below you can read about several of the best email finders we managed to find. Don’t worry; we’ve vetted out the scams and focused on software that has high approval ratings.

Best Email Finder Software and Extensions for Eco-Friendly Businesses

If you are running an eco-friendly business that relies on multi-channel marketing, then you need to make sure that you invest in the right email tools. Here are some email finder applications that green entrepreneurs might find worthwhile. slogan states: ‘More Leads. More sales. More revenue,’ which is a pretty accurate depiction of their services. Whether you are a marketer, a small business executive, or a recruiter, has a great success rate at locating hard-to-find emails. So much can be accomplished with their box of business essentials. is a chrome extension. This means that there is no software installation. That is already a bonus. Some less reputable email finders could attempt to install malicious malware or key finding software into your computer. With there is no such worry. offers several key features:

  • Super Human Customer Care Team that can answer any questions, from mundane ones such as ‘How do I install?’ to ‘How do I export and import my found emails?’
  • API support that lets their clients integrate the email finder into CRM. There is no need for additional coding knowledge.
  • Single or Bulk email searches based on a name, company profile, or social URL.
  • Quality Chrome extension that has been extensively tested. Their widget is truly good – no data theft or security breach possible.
  • Valid Google certificate. It might not sound like much but having a Google certified website decreases the chances of data spillage.

Pricing offers both free and paid plans. The free plan offers 50 credits per month (email searches) that refresh every month. If you want more credits, there are several per-month payment options.

  • $39 for a 1,000 credits per month;
  • $79 for 5,000 credits per month;
  • $169 for 20,000 credits per month;
  • $289 for 50,000 credits per month;
  • $578 for 100,000 credits per month; is another Chrome extension that doesn’t require you to install additional software. It does basically the same as with some key exceptions. Unlike, Hunter offers four separate features: 

  • Email Finder;
  • Email Verifier

Email verifiers do additional checks on the email addresses that the email finder locates. With an email finder, you can be sure that the message you send is delivered to a verified address.

  • Domain Search;
  • Author Finder

The author finder tool allows any user to locate the email address of an article writer as long as the author has some sort of digital presence.

Pricing offers both a free option and paid per month membership. The free membership includes 25 email searches per month and 50 email verifications per month. There are several different tiers of paid memberships:

  • Starter

49€ for 500 email searches and 1,000 email verifications per month;

  • Growth

99€ for 2,500 email searches and 5,000 email verifications per month;

  • Pro

199€ for 10,000 email searches and 20,000 email verifications per month;

  • Enterprise

399€ for 30,000 email searches and 60,000 email verifications per month;

All paid memberships receive access to Domain search and Campaigns premium searches. offers verified B2B emails for your personal business or organization. The program offers email finders for websites such as LinkedIn, different company websites, and in-app emails. Similar to previous entries, comes in a Chrome extension, which means no additional software needs to be installed. On their webpage, you can find additional tutorials on using their tools and a Help Center. offers several key features:

  • Single Email Search;
  • Bulk Email Search;
  • Domain Search;
  • API support that lets clients integrate the application without additional coding knowledge;
  • Chrome Extension;

Pricing offers a paid option and a monthly subscription plan. The free option comes with 150 email addresses per month. Their paid plans are currently under a 20% discount. There are several paid plans available:

  • Starter

$39 per year for 1,000 email searches per month. Available for up to 2 users;

  • Seeker

$79 per year for 5,000 email searches per month. Available for up to 5 users;

  • Enterprise

$159 per year for 20,000 email searches per month. Available for up to 8 users;

  • Global

$239 per year for 50,000 email searches per month. Available for up to 15 users;


In addition to email address searches, RocketReach offers several unique features:

  • Phone Number searches;
  • Social Media Account searches;
  • Advanced Email searches based on personal criteria;
  • Bulk Email searches;
  • API;
  • Google Chrome extension;

RocketReach has access to over 430 million professional emails in their databases spread across 17 million companies. One search allows the user to search for information over 50+ websites. This saves you both time and energy.


RocketReach offers both a free plan and a paid subscription. The free plan gives users 5 email searches per month. There are several different payments plans available:

  • Essentials

$59 per month for 125 email searches;

  • Pro

$119 per month for 300 email searches;

  • Ultimate

$299 per month for 833 email searches;

All in all, this pricing is a bit steep compared to most other email finders, but fortunately, there is a newer and more affordable RocketReach alternative, and we will discuss it in more detail below.


SignalHire has over 400 million verified contacts in its database and a handy browser extension that works with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The service can help you locate emails, phone numbers, and links to social media accounts. Besides, the online database also supports bulk search by different criteria.


SignalHire offers both free and paid subscriptions. The free plan gives you 5 credits per month with the ability to search for both emails and phone numbers. There are several paid options:

  • Lead Generation

$39 per month for 350 emails;

  • Phone Box

$39 per month for 100 phone numbers;

  • Recruiter Pro

$39 a month for 100 full profile searches (email, phone number, websites, links to social media).

Use the Right Email Finders for Your Eco-Friendly Business

As an eco-friendly business, you need to invest in the right technology. Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful. Many different email finders can help you increase your network size and client email list. If you are careful enough, you might snag a bargain and save some money!