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B&GT’s top 10 most popular news articles of 2013 so far



Thank you for continuing to read the news, features and reports we write. We continue to grow rapidly and wouldn’t be doing so without our readers.

As a celebration of our progress, here’s a rundown of the most-read Blue & Green Tomorrow news articles from 2013 so far. Check back on Sunday for the top features, and bank holiday Monday for the top reports.

1. Greenland experiences ‘record high’ temperatures

From August 1: Greenland – 80% of which is ice – experienced its highest temperature since records began on Wednesday. Continue reading.

2. Seven UK firms make it onto World’s Most Ethical Companies list

From April 5: International thinktank the Ethisphere Institute has just revealed its annual rundown of the World’s Most Ethical Companies (WME), in which seven UK firms are included. Continue reading.

3. Norwegian pension fund divests from ‘financially worthless’ fossil fuel firms

From July 5: Storebrand, a major Norwegian pension fund and life insurance firm, has divested from 19 fossil fuel companies to ensure “long-term stable returns” – as these stocks, it says, will be “worthless financially” in the future. Continue reading.

4. Dutch bank refuses loans to businesses involved in shale gas

From July 1: Dutch bank Rabobank has announced it will not lend money to businesses that deal with unconventional energy extraction, including shale gas, because of the environmental and social implications of doing so.

5. Deet is losing its effectiveness against mosquitoes, scientists say

From February 24: Mosquitoes are now able to ignore the widely used insect repellent Deet, say scientists, because their receptors are becoming less sensitive. Continue reading.

6. Government ‘must listen’ to chief scientific adviser on climate change

From March 26: Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth has spoken out in support of the government’s chief scientific adviser Sir John Beddington, who yesterday warned of the devastating effects of climate change. Continue reading.

7. David Cameron’s social impact investment speech: full text

From June 6: Social investment can be a great force for social change on the planet“, said David Cameron, during a speech at the Social Impact Investment Conference on Thursday. Continue reading.

8. Farming chief says extreme weather threatens UK agriculture

Extreme weather fuelled by climate change represents the biggest threat to British agriculture, according to the president of the National Farmers’ Union. Continue reading.

9. Climate change to be removed from national curriculum

The topic of climate change has been removed from the latest draft guidelines of the national curriculum for children in key stages 1-3. The topic is no longer taught in geography and only a single reference occurs within chemistry. Continue reading.

10. Heatwaves to increase in frequency and severity, despite efforts to cut carbon

Climate change will cause increasingly frequent and more severe heatwaves around the world over the next 30 years, according to a new study. Continue reading.

Some that didn’t quite make the cut:

Innovative tidal lagoon could power 100,000 homes

Sustainability in the workplace reflects on employees’ personal choices, says study

BP Gulf compensation fraud hotline hijacked to accuse oil giant of misbehaviour

Government urged to make 2013 ‘the year of the bee’

Commercial bakers ranked on palm oil use


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