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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 11 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

The end of sustainability

Archbishop joins F&C at event to mark 30 years of ethical investment

207 global cities say climate change is a threat to local economy

Support for social enterprises as Labour reveals plans for shakeup of public contracts

National Grid: UK can meet climate and renewable energy targets with the right policies


11 July

UK admits that air quality targets will be missed by 20 years

The air quality in some of the UK’s biggest cities is unlikely to meet EU standards before 2030, according to the government. Member states were supposed to meet targets on pollutants from diesel cars and trucks by 2010. The nitrogen dioxide they produce is linked to a range of respiratory ailments. BBC.

Poland a challenge to EU 2030 climate goals, warns Ed Davey

Poland is “the real challenge” to a European agreement on carbon cutting targets for 2030, the UK energy secretary has warned. Brussels is aiming to agree a 2030 climate and energy package by October, that can contribute to global negotiation in Lima scheduled for December. Draft proposals published by the European Commission included a 40% carbon reduction target. Guardian

North Sea oil revenues will decline more sharply, says OBR

North Sea oil revenues will make almost no contribution to UK growth by 2040 while total receipts will fall much faster than initially expected, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility. The government’s independent fiscal watchdog said expected revenue from North Sea oil and gas would total £39.3 billion between 2019/20 and 2040/41, down almost a quarter on its previous projection. Telegraph.

Most UK coal power plans seen shut by 2023 on climate rules

The UK will close most of its coal-fired power plants by 2023, leaving only three in use, as environmental rules take effect, according to the operator of the country’s electricity grid. All of the National Grid’s projections envisage “very aggressive” shutdown of coal stations and climate regulations coming into force in 2013, Richard Smith, the company’s head of energy strategy and policy, said. Bloomberg.

Helsinki’s ambitious plan to make car ownership pointless in 10 years

The Finnish capital has announced plans to transform its existing public transport network into a comprehensive, point-to-point “mobility on demand” system by 2025 – one that, in theory, would be so good nobody would have any reason to own a car. Helsinki aims to transcend conventional public transport by allowing people to purchase mobility in real time, straight from their smartphones. Guardian.


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