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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 12 June headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

UN: businesses ‘increasingly significant’ in fight against climate change

Journalists and activists banned from BP-sponsored ‘oil games’ in Azerbaijan

EY: EU referendum and energy policy puts UK in 8th place for renewable investment

Canadian and US scientists call for oil sands moratorium

John Lewis, SSE and M&S among British firms calling for climate action


12 June headlines

Bonn meeting ends with last-minute compromise on Paris climate text

Climate change negotiators meeting in Bonn on Thursday came up with a last-minute compromise that observers hope will put the talks on track for a new global agreement on greenhouse gases. Guardian.

UN welcomes oil groups’ help to fight global warming

The UN will take up an offer from six of Europe’s largest oil and gas groups to help it fight global warming as countries work on sealing a new international climate change agreement. Financial Times.

Government trying to fast-track fracking without public consent

The government is trying to fast-track fracking by doing away with the need for the public to be consulted before test drilling goes ahead. Independent.

Climate change progress ‘too slow’

International climate talks have made progress but NGOs are calling for them to continue at a faster pace. Environmental groups said “difficult issues”, such as finance and emission cuts, had yet to be addressed. BBC.


Interesting picks

The fossil fuel divestment movement: top 10 campaign stunts – Guardian

The rise, then fall, then rise again of cleantech – BBC

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