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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 25 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

The Secret Environmentalist: Exit, pursued by a (Green) Blob

Row between ABTA and responsible travel operator over orca circus

EU commissioners announce 30% energy savings target by 2030

Retailers launch investigation into chicken supplies over poor hygiene standards

Glasgow Commonwealth Games to serve fairtrade food during the event


25 July headlines

Communities could be paid £40m for considering nuclear waste dump

Local communities could be paid over £40 million by government for simply considering the building of an underground nuclear waste disposal in their area, ministers have announced. The renewed effort to find a permanent solution for the UK’s growing stockpile of nuclear waste comes after Cumbria council vetoed a proposed waste dump site in January 2013. Guardian.

UK announces $340 million renewable action plan

The UK said renewable power projects will compete for guaranteed payments worth more than £200 million a year as part of its first contract to spur low-carbon electricity. The auction of so-called contracts for difference will take place in October, with deals worth an annual £50 million available to a port of “established” technologies. Bloomberg.

Power cut victims to get bigger payouts

People whose power is cut off for long spells during bad weather will be eligible for much higher compensation payments. The regulator Ofgem is raising the minimum payment per customer from £27 to £70 for those who go at least 24 house without power. It follows the storms last Christmas when nearly one million people in southern England were cut off. BBC.

China and India must cut their emissions ‘or else’, says Davey

Britain will not sign a global deal on climate change unless it includes commitments from China and India on reducing emissions, the energy and climate change secretary said on the eve of visiting the two countries. Ed Davey said that there was little point in Britain making great efforts to cut emissions if other countries did not. The Times.

UK energy department reverses Drax biomass decision

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has reversed its decision to exclude Drax Group from receiving an enhanced subsidy package to help find the conversion of one of its coal-fired generating units to biomass. The volte-face by the government department follows a successful legal challenge by the operator of the UK’s biggest power station. Financial Times.


Interesting picks

London, far from being toxic, is leading the way in tackling air pollution – Guardian

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Children’s loom bands threaten sea life – Telegraph

Challenges lying ahead for impact investing – Economic Times

Harvard historian: strategy of climate science denial groups ‘extremely successful’ – Guardian

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