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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 10 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Philadelphia Quaker group divests $2m from fossil fuels

UK’s flood defence ‘not adequate’ to face climate change, says government advisor

University of Oxford college makes U-turn on vegan meals

Social enterprises and co-ops urged to unite in crowdfunded lobbying campaign

Leading economies issued pathways to climate change targets


10 July headlines

Price of electricity could double over next 20 years, says National Grid

The price of electricity could double over the next two decades, according to forecasts published by the National Grid, the company responsible for keeping Britain’s lights on. The current price of wholesale electricity is below £50 per megawatt hour but could soar to over £100 by 2035 under a “high case” example used in the Grid’s UK Future Energy Scenarios report. Guardian.

City watchdog to shine light on high frequency trading

The City regulator is to shine a light on high frequency trading and other opaque practices in what could lead to the most far-reaching competition inquiry into investment banking the Square Mile has ever seen. As part of increased powers given to the Financial Conduct Authority, the watchdog has begun a wide-ranging look at wholesale and institutional banking markets. Telegraph.

Solar panel firms win High Court compensation ruling

Fourteen solar panel companies are entitled to compensation from the government over cuts in subsidies for solar electricity, a High Court judge has ruled. The firms are seeking more than £130 million in damages from the UK government over changes to feed-in-tariffs in 2011. The government plans to appeal against the decision. BBC.

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers

New research has identified the world’s more widely used insecticides as the key factor in the recent reduction in numbers of farmland birds. The findings represent a significant escalation of the known dangers of the insecticides and follow an assessment in June that warned that pervasive pollution by these nerve agents was now threatening all food production. Guardian.


Interesting picks

Lego told ‘everything is not awesome’ in viral Greenpeace video – Guardian

Climate change means we need to rethink ‘normal’ weather more frequently, UN reports – Huffington Post

Climate change: What are the risks to corporations? – Fortune

The road to renewables: finding a sustainable fuel source – Guardian

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