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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 27 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Understanding desire: how brands can respond to what people want

VisitEngland: sustainability ‘secures a successful future’ for tourism

SSE price freeze: good news for energy customers but it comes with a price

Turnaround Challenge urban innovation competition: the winner

Poll: three-quarters of voters want more environmental polices


27 March headlines

European leaders ask Obama to allow increased exports of US shale gas

European leaders have asked Barack Obama to share the US’s shale gas bonanza with Europe by facilitating gas exports to help counter the stranglehold Russia has on the continent’s energy needs. With Russia supplying a quarter of Europe’s gas needs, and almost all of the gas in parts of eastern Europe, the energy issues has soared to the top of Europe’s strategic agenda. Guardian.

Energy efficiency key to bigger market share, Pachauri says

Countries that can achieve high levels of energy efficiency through developing technologies that are able to grab a bigger share of the market for low-carbon electricity, a climate scientist has said. The comments come as scientists and climate change officials representing more than 100 countries gather to wrap up the second part of a report on climate change for the IPCC. Bloomberg.

Fracking ‘good for the UK’, says David Cameron

Fracking will be “good for our country”, David Cameron said as he blamed a “lack of understanding” about the process for some of the opposition to shale gas. He added that it was “our duty” to be more energy-independent and acknowledges that people have “uncertainties and worries and concerns”. Guardian.

Millions of households may be paying too much for their energy, regulator expected to say

Regulator Ofgem is expected to refer the energy sector to face a full investigation by the top competition watchdog, indicating that it believes there is inadequate competition. Ofgem is expected to say millions of households may be paying too much for their energy. Telegraph.

Mexico opens deep water oilfields to tender

Mexico expects to put some deep water oilfields out to tender starting next year as it throws open its oil and gas exploration and production sector to private investment. Mexico has as many as 160 billion barrels of oil equivalent in total proven, possible, probable and prospective reserves and resources, which include both onshore and offshore oil and gas, as well as shale oil and gas. Financial Times.


Interesting picks

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