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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 1 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

UKSIF’s Simon Howard on investing the right way

Shock, horror! Energy companies have ‘let is down’

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The IPCC’s stark warning: no nation will be untouched by climate change

IPCC findings demand investment in a sustainable future, say investors


1 April headlines

World is ill-prepared for global warming impacts, UN says

Global warming is depleting fresh water and crops, destroying coral reefs and melting the Arctic, the United Nations said in a report that concluded the world is ill-prepared to face many new threats. Climate change has brought “key risks” that endanger lives and health worldwide. Bloomberg.

Lack of ‘too big to fail’ plan could cost taxpayers billions, warns IMF

British banks deemed “too big to fail” are enjoying implicit government subsidies of up to $100 billion (£66 billion) that could expose taxpayers to bailouts costing hundreds of billions of pounds, the IMF has warned. The fund reveals that lenders are benefitting from low borrowing costs as investors remain convinced governments will bail out banks that get into trouble. Telegraph.

Climate change could wipe out wildlife and is ‘major risk to UK forests

Climate change poses a “major risk” to forests all over the world, threatening widespread tree deaths that could wipe out wildlife, exacerbate global warming and hurt the economy, a report has said. It added that ‘forest dieback’ has the potential to causes large impacts on climate, biodiversity, wood production and water quality. Independent.

Powys council denies windfarms ‘surrender’ claim

Powys council has denied a “surrender” claim after it withdrew its objections to five projects that are part of Britain’s biggest wind farm public inquiry. The council no longer opposes developments at Llaithddu, Llandinam, Llanbrynmair, and Carnedd Wen and building a power line from Llandinam to Welshpool. BBC.

Switzerland launches probe into FX rigging

Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and six other banks are being officially investigated over alleged rigging of foreign exchange rates, the Swiss Competition Commission has announced. The regulator said, “Evidence exists that these banks colluded to manipulate exchange rates in foreign currency trades.” Independent.


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