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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 1 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

You can get a healthy return by investing sustainably – and here’s the proof

UK’s Biological Records Centre celebrates five decades of wildlife research

Shale gas reserves in Scotland ‘not worth fracking’

Deforestation in Indonesia worse than in Brazilian Amazon, says study

British shoppers want cheaper fair trade products, survey finds


1 July headlines

UK future food security threatened by complacency, MPs warn

The UK’s ability to feed itself is threatened by “complacency” over the extreme weather driven by climate change and increasing competition for food as the world’s population grows, MPs have warned. The environment, food and rural affairs committee said ministers must put plans to secure suppliers of fruit and vegetables. Guardian.

Nasa satellite to seek ‘missing carbon’

US space agency Nasa will make a second attempt on Tuesday to put a high-resolution carbon dioxide observatory in orbit. The first satellite was destroyed on launch in 2009. The satellite aims to trace the global geographic distribution of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in order to identify where it is emitted and absorbed. BBC.

Consumer energy bills to rise to keep power plants open

Consumer energy bills will rise in order to pay retainers to dozens of power stations to guarantee they are available to keep the light on, ministers have announced. Under a so-called ‘capacity market’, ministers plan to recruit more than 53GW of power stations – enough to meet 80% of Britain’s peak demand – to ensure they can fire up when needed. Telegraph.

Is climate a material risk? Here’s what companies are really reporting

How many companies think climate change will have a material impact on their business? Not too many, a new online tool shows. Roughly half of the 3,000 biggest publicly traded companies in the US report nothing on the risks associated with climate change in their annual filings to US regulators. Bloomberg.


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