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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 14 October round up



Today on Blue&Green Tomorrow, we heard from EcoPlanet Bamboo’s founder Troy Wiseman about capitalism carrying social and environemntal benfits.

We also reported on a new analysis showing how fossil fuels companies are failing to disclose climate risks to investors and how a leaked report suggested wind power is the cheapest sources of electricity.

Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 14 October headlines

Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Renewable energy investment key to sub-Saharan Africa’s prosperity

A woefully under-developed energy sector is holding back growth in sub-Saharan Africa, but smart investment could unlock the region’s huge renewable energy potential, according to a new report.

From B.U.M to Bamboo

Now a global pioneer in the operation of sustainable commercial bamboo plantations, EcoPlanet Bamboo is the realisation of a long-held dream and a great illustration of positive capitalism, writes founder Troy Wiseman.

Fossil fuel companies recognise climate risks but fail to disclose them to investors – report

A new survey from Carbon Tracker has revealed that while companies are well aware of the impacts of climate change and the effects carbon-cutting policies will have on fossil fuels reserves, only 7% integrate the risks into corporate project and capital expenditure assessments.

London’s telephone boxes to become solar-powered mobile phone chargers

Some of London’s disused yet still iconic red telephone boxes are going to become free solar-powered charging stations for mobile phones, thanks to an innovative project by an award winning social enterprise.

Green Party to take legal advice over leaders’ debate snub

The Green Party of England and Wales has said it may take legal action after reports indicated it will be left out of televised party leader debates next year, while UKIP looks set to feature.

Marks & Spencer downgraded over its refrigerators’ greenhouse gas emissions

Ethical retailer M&S has not made progress on phasing out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from its fridges and saving energy with closed doors, according to a report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

Onshore wind EU’s cheapest energy source – report

Onshore wind energy is the cheapest form of energy in Europe, when additional factors such as the costs of pollution and climate change are taken into account, a leaked EU report has revealed.

Örebro becomes first Swedish city to divest from fossil fuels

The city of Örebro has become the first city in Sweden to commit to ditching its investments in fossil fuel firms, as the global divestment movement builds on its gathering momentum.

Performers disrupt Shell-sponsored exhibition at the National Gallery

Activists protesting against art’s ties with the fossil fuel industry have performed a musical demonstration during the media launch of the Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery, which has been sponsored by Shell and staffed by a private security firm, instead of the gallery’s workers.

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