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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 16 June headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Countries can reduce GHG emissions by 2020 at no economic cost, says IEA

OECD plans to phases out coal subsidy ends in ‘stalemate’

Scottish National Party warns over new independence referendum

Government ‘fast-track’ fracking plans ‘reckless’, says Green Party

Scottish renewables threatened by government cuts, industry body warns


16 June headlines

Pope urges changes to avoid ‘unprecedented damage’ from climate change in leaked encyclical document

Pope Francis warned that the world is heading for “unprecedented destruction” unless mankind confronts climate change and reforms the way it treats the planet, as the most eagerly anticipated papal documents in living memory was leaked. Independent.

Environment movement making a real impact in the US, study finds

The environmental movement is making a real difference in the US, according to new research that shows states with strong green voices have significantly lower emissions of the gases that drive global warming, Guardian.

China ‘deserves more credit’ for renewable energy effort

China should be given more credit for its investment in clean electricity, the head of the International Energy Agency says. Maria van Hoeven says most people think that China is frantically building coal-fired power stations, when the reality is very different. BBC.

Raising palm oil prices could help save endangered tigers and orangutans, study claims

Supermarkets could help save rare endangered animals by increasing the price of products containing palm oil providing the money raised went to forest conservation, a study has found. Independent.

Green spaces improve schoolchildren’s mental development, study finds

Green spaces within and around city schools improve mental development of young children, a study has found. The findings may be partly explained by reduced exposure to traffic pollution, experts believe. Guardian.


Interesting picks

Coal crash: how pension funds face huge risk from climate change – Guardian

Climate change the biggest economic risk facing the world – RTCC

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