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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 10 September round up



Today on Blue & Green Tomorrow, we reported on the economic benefits of the UK’s carbon budgets and the role of energy efficiency.

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Badger cull resumes despite concerns over effectiveness

A controversial cull of badgers to prevent the spread of bovine TB has resumed, despite evidence suggesting that the practice is inhumane and ineffective.

Personal happiness and healthy environment deeply interconnected, new book says

Our appetite for material things that we cannot have is seriously harming the planet’s resources according to the new book by a researcher from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

University of California unsure over fossil fuel divestment

The University of California (UC) has agreed to take environmental issues into account over investment decisions but has not considered the option of total divestment from fossil fuel companies, arguing this would not significantly affect climate change.

Half of North America’s bird species vulnerable to climate change, study finds

Approximately half of North America’s 650 bird species, including the bald eagle, will be disrupted by climate change over the next 65 years, a new report has found, with some expected to go extinct.

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards: celebrating sustainable success

On September 29, Ethical Corporation will host its fifth annual Responsible Business Awards, celebrating the success stories of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) space.

How scientists feel about climate change: Prof Tony McMichael

Emeritus Professor Tony McMichael expresses how sad he is that children may not be able to experience nature in the same way in the future because society is too focussed on money in a handwritten letter expressing how he feels about climate change.

Sports Direct set to face investor’s questions on zero hour contracts

At its annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, retailer Sports Direct will face questions over the use of zero hour contracts for part time staff. Such contracts have faced criticism over the last year because of the lack of security they offer workers.

UK carbon budgets will boost GDP and make households £565 richer

If the UK government sticks to its carbon budgets, which set targets for national emission reductions through the coming decades, every household could be £565 better off per year by 2030.

British winters becoming more extreme, scientists warn

British winters are becoming more extreme, with unpredictable swings between very mild, stormy winters and very cold, snowy ones becoming more likely, a new study has warned.

Hundreds dead as heaviest downpour in 50 years rains down on India and Pakistan

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has said that energy efficiency has the potential to boost economic growth and sustainable development and not only reduce energy demand, as it is often suggested.

Role of energy efficiency greatly underestimated, says energy body

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has said that energy efficiency has the potential to boost economic growth and sustainable development and not only reduce energy demand, as it is often suggested.

Oxfordshire named ‘Social Enterprise Place’ ahead of Social Saturday

Oxfordshire has become the first county in Britain to be officially named a ‘Social Enterprise Place’ by Social Enterprise UK, in recognition of the area’s growing social economy.

Swiss pension fund members back sustainable investment strategies

A survey has revealed that the majority of pension fund members in Switzerland support and recognise the benefits of sustainable investment strategies. The findings highlight the growing movement to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions.

Formula E to begin this weekend in the heart of Beijing

The greatly anticipated electric Formula E racing championship will begin in Beijing this weekend, with 40 zero-emission high-performance cars taking to the Chinese capital’s streets, beginning an 11 fully-electric racing series.

Smart meters could save only 2% on energy bills, MPs warn

Household smart meters could save consumers as little as 2% on their energy bills, MPs have warned ahead of a £10.6 billion nationwide roll out.

Europe’s climate change and energy strategy at ‘critical juncture’, says thinktank

Renewed leadership from Europe on the issues of climate change and energy could leverage a greater effort from other major economies, according to thinktank IPPR. The organisation describes Europe as being as a “critical juncture” when it comes to strategy on the issue.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Freeimages

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