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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 26 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Active ownership: investing as ‘responsible stewards, not absentee landlords’

TEDxEastEnd organiser: TED is not the ‘end point of your exploration’

F&C: responsible investment ‘continues to gather momentum’

Half of Britons oppose HS2, poll finds

World Health Organisation: 7 million people died because of air pollution in 2012


26 March headlines

UK’s Russia nuclear deal under review over Ukraine crisis

The UK is reviewing its nuclear co-operation agreement with Russia state firm Rosatom because of the Ukraine crisis. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said the agreement was “under consideration” following Russia’s military takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region. BBC.

Climate change will make UK weather too wet and too dry, says Met Office

The UK weather will become both too wet and too dry – and also too cold and too hot – as climate change increases the frequency of extreme events, the Met Office has warned in a new report. Its scientists concluded that on average the UK will see wetter, milder winters and hotter direr summers in the long term due to global warming. Guardian.

Greenhouse gas emissions: Scotland making ‘good progress’

Scotland has continued to make “good progress” on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the body that advises the UK government on the issue has said. The Committee on Climate Change said emissions in Scotland fell by 9.9% in 2011. The drop for the UK as a whole was 6.9%. BBC.

Offshore windfarms vital amid tensions with Russia, says energy secretary

Britain’s growing fleet of offshore windfarms provides a vital national security role as the western world engages in a stand-off with Moscow over Ukraine, Ed Davey has said. Russia supplies about a quarter of Europe’s gas. Energy experts have warned the UK would feel the impact of any wider export freeze by Moscow, which could drive up the price of gas on the international market. Guardian.

Treasury to sell Lloyds shares worth £4bn, reducing stake to 25pc

The government has launched the largest sale yet of shares in Lloyds Banking Group in a deal that could raise more than £4 billion for the taxpayer. The Treasury has authorised the sale of a 7.5% stake in Britain’s largest retail lender compromising of 5.35 billion shares. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

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