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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 30 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Don’t write off renewable subsidies just yet

Trillion Fund’s 7.5% return on wind turbine investment set to close

Fracking will reduce Tory chances of winning the election, says Greenpeace

Desmond Tutu calls on South African university to divest from fossil fuels

No reason to doubt credibility of IPCC report, MPs say


30 July headlines

Delaying climate action will carry heavy economic cost, White House warned

The White House has warned that delaying action on climate change would carry a heavy price, racking up an additional 40% in economic losses from climate impacts and other costs over the course of ten years. White House officials said the stark finding underlined the urgency of Barack Obama’s efforts to cut carbon pollution. Guardian.

Luxury cruise line accused of offering ‘environmental disaster tourism’ with high-carbon footprint Arctic voyage

A luxury cruise operator in the US has announced it will offer a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to experience the environmental devastation of the Arctic – using a mode of transport that emits three times more CO2 per passenger per mile than a jumbo jet. It will be the first ever leisure cruise through the Northwest Passage, only accessible now because of the melting of the polar ice. Independent.

Ukraine conflict: US and EU widen sanctions on Russia

US president Barack Obama has announced new economic sanctions against Russia, saying they will make Russia’s “weak economy even weaker”. He said the co-ordinated action of the US and EU would “have an even bigger bite” on Russia’s economy. The sanctions aim to increase the cost to Russia of its continued support for pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine. BBC.

UK bankers face tough bonus clawbacks

The Bank of England will on Wednesday unveil a tough new regime intended to stamp out misconduct in the City, including powers to claw back bonuses up to seven years after they have been paid and a new law that would see reckless bankers jailed. Although the new regime is expected to be one of the toughest in world, it is not as tough as the bank planned it when it first presented the rules. Financial Times.

New Zealand’s ‘dramatic’ ice loss could lead to severe decline of glaciers

New Zealand’s vast Southern Alps mountain range has lost a third of its permanent snow and ice over the past four decades, diminishing some of the country’s most spectacular glaciers, new research has found. Researchers said the “dramatic” decrease has accelerated in the past 15 years and could lead to the severe decline of New Zealand’s mightiest glaciers. Guardian.


Interesting picks

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Photo: Sanja gjenero via Freeimages

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